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Green and White

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Q: What Are the School Colors for Woodbury Universities in Burbank Ca.?
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When was Monroe-Woodbury High School created?

Monroe-Woodbury High School was created in 1999.

What is the motto of Monroe-Woodbury High School?

Monroe-Woodbury High School's motto is 'Pursuit of Excellence'.

What are the exact school colors of UCI?

Blue and yellow. Those are the colors for all of the Universities of California (UC).

When was Woodbury Junior-Senior High School created?

Woodbury Junior-Senior High School was created in 1902.

Where is Burbank High School located?

Burbank High School is part of the Burbank unified school district and is located in Burbank, California. The address is 902 N 3rd St Burbank, CA 91502. Phone number is 818-558-4700.

What is Woodbury Junior-Senior High School's motto?

The motto of Woodbury Junior-Senior High School is 'Excellence Through Tradition and Innovation'.

What junior high school did Chris Rock go to?

Monroe Woodbury Middle School

Is justin bieber going to monroe woodbury high school?

going to smcs

What disrtict is Burbank CA?

This question needs to be more specific as to what type of district it refers to. Burbank is part of the Burbank Unified School District and part of the 27th and 29th Congressional Districts.

Where is david Starr Jordan middle school?

in burbank ca

What has the author Nelson L Burbank written?

Nelson L Burbank has written: 'The Cincinnati Elementary School Principals' Club history' -- subject(s): Clubs, Elementary school principals

What is East Ridge High School in Woodbury MNs mascot?

Thaa Raptors <3