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An automatic transmission shift valve is like a swing. It is moves back and forth with the use of pressure. That is how gears are changed.

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Q: What BEST describes an automatic transmission shift valve?
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Where is the shift solenoid on a 2002 Dodge truck?

The automatic transmission solenoid s are inside the transmission, on the valve body.

What is a 1995 Saturn valve body?

Check out sunbelt valve body builders they specialize in saturns. Their number is 813615560 or at sunbeltvalvebody.comAnother AnswerThe valve body is the part of the automatic transmission that diverts pressurized hydraulic fluid to the different parts of an automatic transmission, causing the transmission to engage and shift. If you haven't had much experience repairing automatic transmissions, it might be best to work with a qualified mechanic to replace the valve body on your Saturn.

Where is transmission modulator valve on 1988 Mazda b2200 with automatic transmission?

according to a local dealer that model has no modulator valve on its automatic transmission sorry !

Will a turbo 400 shift its self?

A turbo 400 is an automatic transmission, so yes, it will shift itself, unless someone has put in a manual valve body or transmission brake -- both of which are mainly used by racers.

What would make a 1991 Chevy Camaro automatic transmission not shift until engine has revd so high?

The transmission throttle valve cable needs to be adjusted.

Where is the automatic transmission shift solenoid on a 2003 dodge ram 3500?

Inside the trans, on the side of the valve bodyInside the trans, on the side of the valve body

Where is the shift sensor on a 1993 Chevrolet silverado automatic?

It is bolted to the valve body in the bottom of the Transmission. Need to remove trans pan to service them.

Where is the shift solenoid on the 1998 plymouth neon?

Inside the transmission, on the valve body.Inside the transmission, on the valve body.

Where is the shift solenoid in a 2001 chrysler 300?

Inside the transmission, on the valve body.Inside the transmission, on the valve body.

What would cause transmission fluid to be found in the vacuum line connected to the heater control?

on some cars there is a automatic transmission modulator valve that tell by vacuum when to shift gears. If that valve goes bad you will get tranny fluid in your lines.

Where does the modulator valve go in the 2007 automatic 4.2 liter transmission?

The modulator valve on a 2007 automatic 4.2 liter transmission goes on the underside of the transmission. You will need to jack up the vehicle in order to reach the valve.

How many shift valves are normally found in an electronically controlled transmission?

depends on if it is an automatic and how many gears there are sometimes one valve controls two gears