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every single one with every attritbute all above 650g's no joke including all gandalian invaders

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Where is the Bakugan store in Bakugan dimensions?

there is not a bakugan store in bakugan dimensions

Difference between bakugan and bakugan b2?

b2 bakugan are biger and bakugan are smaller

What is a Bakugan preyes?

a bakugan preyes is a bakugan dragon

Which Bakugan has the most GsThat is an infitity Bakugan?

well theres bakugan trap bakugan trap has infinity G's(the square bakugan )

Is Helios darkus Bakugan?

Yes, Helios is a Darkus bakugan in Bakugan Mechtanium Surge. In Bakugan New Vestroia, he was a Pyrus bakugan.

2009 most popular toy?

Bakugan Bakugan Bakugan

How can you get a pearl bakugan in bakugan battle brawlers?

in the bakugan brawlers video game, you cannot get a pearl bakugan.

How do you evolve bakugan in bakugan the game?

you cant evolve bakugan besides your partener bakugan in the last battle

What Bakugan comes with the Bakugan video game?

The bakugan that comes with the bakugan video game is leonardias. That is also your guardian bakugan in the game. Brawlers roll out!

How do you spell Bakugan?


What are Bakugan named?


How do you tell who is your starter Bakugan?

normally the strongest bakugan is the starter bakugan

Who is the weakest Bakugan ever?

the weakest bakugan has 240g. That bakugan is Reaper

Can you evolve Bakugan on Bakugan dimensions?

To be honest there is no such thing as a bakugan dimension

Is bakugan a creepypasta?

No, Bakugan is not a Creepypasta nor there was ever a Bakugan Creepypasta.

How much Bakugan come in a Bakugan mega battle pack?

there are 6 bakugan in the bakugan mega battle pack

Can you show a 1000g Bakugan?

i dont know there is a 1000g bakugan me best bakugan is 700g srry but i know there is a 1000g bakugan :)

What Bakugan games are there?

There is 2 Bakugan Games on The Nintendo DS. Bakugan (It's Just By Itself) and Bakugan Battle Trainer.

How does a Bakugan jump?

bakugan can't jump if u mean the toys bakugan.

Does Bakugan siege have a B2 Bakugan or only a classic Bakugan?

Only a classic.

The darkus Bakugan in Bakugan for wii?

The Darkus Bakugan on the game is called Leonidas.

What is a loose Bakugan?

i "loose" bakugan is just a bakugan not in a packet and is just lying around. if a bakugan is loose then it just means that the bakugan opens easily cause of a loose spring.

Who is drago in Bakugan?

1.Drago is a pyrus bakugan. 2.Hes Dans bakugan. 3.Drago is the nickname for Draganoid. 4.He has 3 horns In the new Bakugan. 5.In the old Bakugan he had 1 horn. 6.He is a bakugan that can talk. 7.He is a red bakugan who has 3 yellow horns in the new bakugan and has 1 yellow horn in the old bakugan. 8.He has Green Eyes 9.(main answer) HE IS A BAKUGAN OBVIOUSLY

Is there a Bakugan wavern?

There is a bakugan wavern.

Who is the Bakugan warius?

he is a warrior bakugan