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The Oxford English Dictionary has 10 volumes, 15,490 pages. Men of Good Will by Jules Romains has 2,070,000 words. Venmurasu is a Tamil book still being written that should be 25,000 pages.

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Q: What Book has the most pages?
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"The Complete Calvin and Hobbes" has the most pages at 1440 pages .

Which of the first three Harry Potter books have the most pages?

Pages The third harry potter book has the most pages.

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depends how many pages your book has but if it has 200 pages its from 100-125 pages<> the climax is the most exciting part in a book if you didnt know most exciting/ emotional part

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the longest book writen is Yongle Dadian

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in the first book there are 434 pages, in the second book there are 497 pages, in the third book there are 559 pages and in the last book there are 699 pages.

How many pages in an average book?

It really depends on what type of book it is. A children's book may have only 20-40 pages in it, while a novel or reseach book may have 500 or more. Most novels will have somewhere between 200-500 pages.

How many pages does Dork Diaries?

Book 1 - 282 pages Book 2 - 288 pages Book 3 - 288 pages Book 3 1/2 - 288 pages Book 4 - 288 pages Book 5 - 336 pages Book 6 - 356 pages Book 7 - 336 pages Book 8 - 304 pages Book 9 - 352 pages Book 10 - 320 pages Book 11 - 368 pages Dork Diaries OMG! - 272 pages

Which Harry Potter book has the most pages?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which has 766 pages (UK) or 870 (US).

Get zamorak pages out of book?

"You can get pages from Treasure Trails." What he ment to mean is that can you get the torn pages out of a prayer book, Sadly, the answer is no. The page's cannot be taken out of the prayer book unless the book has pages missing, then simply return the book to Jossik in the lighthouse and swap it with another book. You will keep the torn pages.

How many pages are in the book warriors fire and ice?

The Fire and Ice pages not including the character and territory pages, the title pages, or the next book pages, there are 317 pages. If you include the pages I didn't include there are 332 pages. There are also 30 chapters in the book.

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The book Flipped has 212 pages :)

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the book has 195 pages

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there are 195 pages in the book.

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The book is 180 pages.

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if you are talking about the book, then their are 27 pages in the book.

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Steal this book is by Abbie Hoffman. The paperback has 352 pages. The hardcover has 334 pages.

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Sketch books have about 100 pages most often, though it is also common to see sketch books with 50 or 200 pages.

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The number of pages vary depending on the book. The book I have has 235 pages.

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depends what type of book you are talking about the pages of a book can range from a little kids book with 5 to the last Harry Potter book with around 800 pages

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My doughter read the book and she said it was a great book. There was 213 pages in the book.

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