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Gustavo Kuerten is a Brazilian tennis star affectionately known as "Guga". He is best known for his performances on clay, which include two Roland Garros (French Open) titles. He spent some time as the #1 player in the world. He then sustained a hip injury that sidelined him for a few years. He had surgury in 2004 and is slowly trying to climb back into the top professional ranks. Guga is known for his great forehand and his laid-back, smiling personality. He is a fan favourite all over the world.

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What is masse?

A masse of an object.

What does the German word masse mean in English?

Masse = mass

When was Bill Masse born?

Bill Masse was born in 1966.

When was Martin Masse born?

Martin Masse was born in 1965.

How many syllables does en masse have?

There are two syllables in en masse.

Using a sentence with en masse?

En masse the people worked together

When was Marcel Masse born?

Marcel Masse was born on May 27, 1936.

When was Julie Masse born?

Julie Masse was born on June 3, 1970.

When was Brian Masse born?

Brian Masse was born on 1968-07-09.

How tall is Sarah Ann Masse?

Sarah Ann Masse is 5' 6".

Is earth the largest object in the solar system?

No. The Earth is the 6th largest and 6th most massive object in the solar system.By DiameterThe sun is the largest ( 109.25 times the diameter of earth), followed byJupiter (10.97 Diameter Earth)Saturn (9.14 DiameterEarth)Neptune (3.98 DiameterEarth)Uranus (3.87 DiameterEarth)Earth (1 DiameterEarth)Venus (0.95 DiameterEarth)Mars (.053 DiameterEarth)Ganymede (0.413 DiameterEarth)Titan (0.404 DiameterEarth)Mercury (0.383 DiameterEarth)Calisto (0.378 DiameterEarth)Io (0.286 DiameterEarth)Moon (0.273 DiameterEarth)Europa (0.245 DiameterEarth)Triton (0.212 DiameterEarth)Eris (0.19 DiameterEarth)Pluto (0.187 DiameterEarth)Titania (00.124 DiameterEarth)Rhea (0.12 DiameterEarth)By MassThe sun is the most massive (332,837 times the mass of earth), followed byJupiter (317.83 earth masses)Saturn (95.16 MassE)Neptune (17.15 MassE)Uranus (14.5 MassE)Earth (1 MassE)Venus (0.815 MassE)Mars (0.107 MassE)Mercury (0.055 MassE)Ganymede (0.025 MassE)Titan (0.023 MassE)Calisto (0.018 MassE)Io (0.015 MassE)Moon (0.012 MassE)Europa (0.0080 MassE)Triton (0.0036 MassE)Eris (0.0027 MassE)Pluto (0.0022 MassE)Titania (0.00059 MassE)Rhea (0.00039 MassE)

When was Bob Masse born?

According to the "Vancouver Sun" Bob Masse was born in 1945.

How old is Julie Masse?

Julie Masse is 47 years old (birthdate: June 3, 1970).

When was Laurel Masse born?

Laurel Masse was born on December 29, 1951, in Holland, Michigan, USA.

Is Julie masse dead?

No, she's not

How old is Marcel Masse?

Marcel Masse was 78 years old when he died on August 25, 2014 (birthdate: May 27, 1936).

What does en masse mean?

According to Black's law Dictionary en masse means in a mass; in a large group all at once; all together.The company softball team moved en masse to a local pub for a celebration after winning the game.

What has the author Rollande Dumais Masse written?

Rollande Dumais Masse has written: 'La vie nomade' -- subject(s): Recreational vehicle living

What is a masse billiards shot?

It's a shot in pool where you hit the ball, much like cutting a carrot, making the ball spin around (masse) the obstructing ball. It's an art and takes practice. Some hit the masse pointing the cue vertically.

What is french word all together?

en masse

What is the name for a Billiards shot beginning with Mas?


Cabinet Resign en masse?

when the entire cabinet of an organization leaves at one time ORIGIN of en masse is late 18th cent.: French, meaning literally 'in a mass.'

What causes things to be extinction?

Their inability to survive en masse.

What is the opposite of alone?

The opposite is together, in a group, or en masse.

Why did Corey hart marry Julie masse?

Because he loved her.