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as of 2012 Germany gets most of it's oil from Russia

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Is Germany a member of OPEC?

No. OPEC Members are all oil producing countries. Germany is not an oil producing country.

Which country exports the most crude oil in EU?


Can you get job in oil and gas companies in Germany?

Yes, almost every country (Including Germany) has some kind of oil or petroleum business. Whether it is a large or small organization there are jobs in the petroleum field in Germany.

Which northern European country that has benefited the most from the north sea oil?

The northern European country that has benefited the most from the north sea oil is Denmark. Most foreign workers in Germany are of Turkish origin.

What country did Germany took?

what country did Germany took

Does Germany have oil?

Yes, it is a producer of oil. It intakes oil from other countries, but does not currently have an oil problem. ___ No, Germany has to import practically all its oil.

Was Germany a fascist country?

Nazi Germany was a fascist country.

Was Germany an imperialist country?

Yes, Germany was an imperialist country.

What country does Germany have a conflict with?

Germany is a peaceful country and not in conflict with any other country.

What country is still at war with Germany?

No country is still at war with Germany...

Is Germany a Middle-Eastern country?

No, Germany is a European country.

What country is the wealthiest in Germany?

Germany is a country, your question makes no sense.

When did Germany unify as a country?

In 1871 Germany unify as a country

What country claims Germany?

Germany is a country in it's own right, no other country has a claim on it.

Is Germany a city?

No, Germany is a country.

If you rearrange the letters NAMYERG you would have the name of a?

A country, Germany.Country. Germany is the country when this word is unscrambled.

Is your country smaller than Germany?

My country is bigger than Germany. Now guess what country I'm in.

What country in Germany starts with a k?

Germany is a country, it doesn't have any countries in it.

Whats the country above Germany?

The country that is above Germany on the north is Austria.

What is Germany's primary imports?

Every country has imports and export needs, based on what they have available to them. In 2013, the leading import for Germany was oil

What European country claims Germany?

Germany is German. No one claims Germany because it is a single country in Europe.

What is the most powerful country in the EU?


What are good facts about Germany?

- Germany is the most populous country wholly in Europe - Germany is perhaps the most powerful country in Europe - Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world - Germany is the fifth largest country in Europe

What country is a divided country?


Is Germany federal?

Yes, Germany is a country.

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