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she was famous because she fought for the women's rights

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Her dad encouraged her to do it

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Emily Murphy was an author

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because she was a judge. From Joey D.

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Q: What Did Emily Murphy Do Before Becoming An Activist?
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Why did Emily Murphy become an activist?

What jobs did Emily Murphy have?

Emily Murphy was an author, women's rights activist and jurist. She was a major contributor of the Canadian feminist movement.

What jobs did Emily Murphy do?

women's right's activist, author, journalist, and a police magistrate

Where did Emily Murphy live?

Emily stood up for women's rights and she gave women the right to vote

What were Emily Murphy's accomplishments as a activist?

Emily Murphy was a prominent Canadian activist who played a significant role in advancing women's rights. She was one of the "Famous Five" who successfully campaigned for women to be legally recognized as persons in Canada. Murphy also contributed to the formation of the Dower Act, which protected women's property rights upon marriage.

Was Emily Murphy a spokeswomen?

was Emily Murphy a sokeswomen

How did Emily Murphy die?

Emily Murphy died in her sleep.

When did Emily Murphy get married?

Emily Murphy married Arthur Murphy in 1887.

Why is Emily Murphy famous and important to Alberta?

Emily was a women's right activist. In 1916 she was the first police magistrate in Canada & British Empire. She was active in many activities and interests in women & children rights and Dower acts.

Who did Emily Murphy get married to?

Arthur Murphy

Where was Emily Murphy born?

Her Dad was Isaac Ferguson and her mom, Emily Gowan.

What were Emily Murphy's jobs?

Emily Murphy was a well-known Canadian women's rights activist, jurist, and author. She was the first female magistrate in Canada, serving in Alberta, and was a member of the "Famous Five" who fought for women's rights and challenged the legal definition of "persons" to include women. She also wrote extensively on women's rights and social issues.