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What Division one colleges are in Michigan?


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The division one colleges in Michigan are, with the commonly known name of the school in parenthesis:

  • University of Michigan (Michigan)
  • Michigan State University (Michigan State)
  • Central Michigan University (Central Michigan)
  • Eastern Michigan University (Eastern Michigan)
  • Western Michigan University (Western Michigan)

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Division I has two subdivisions for football. In Michigan, there are no Division I-FCS programs. There are two Division I programs that do not sponsor football teams (Oakland University and the University of Detroit Mercy) There are five Division I-FBS programs. Michigan (Big Ten) Michigan State (Big Ten) Western Michigan (MAC) Eastern Michigan (MAC) Central Michigan (MAC)

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There are actually a number of really good colleges and universities in Michigan from which someone can obtain a counseling degree. One of the best is Michigan State University.

You have for one is Southwestern Michigan College. They also offer 4 years as well. They offer housing on campus.

New York university is the #1 and the largest private school in the US and is ranked 1st among the division 1 colleges.

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