What Does A Person Who Cant Sleep Disorder Called?

Updated: 11/13/2022
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insomnia is what you called a person who is having trouble sleeping or staying asleep

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Q: What Does A Person Who Cant Sleep Disorder Called?
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What sleep disorder do you fall under when you wake up right brfore you fall into deep sleep because you cant breath?

It is called sleep apnoea. (Pronounced ap-nee-ah).

What do you do when the person beside you is snoring and you cant go to sleep?

smack him/her on the head to wake them up then go to sleep

How do you now you are in love when you bearly see this person?

If you cant eat or sleep.

What is Ophelia Syndrome?

ophelia is a health disorder where if you are reciving abuse you cant help to forgive that person for what he or she has done

What does you cant wake a person who is pretending to sleep mean?

it means you cant wake someone up who is already awake dumb puk

How does ADD affect sleep?

If you have Attention Deficit Disorder than there brain cant sleep and restore that well as regular humans. Its pretty scary you might even black out when you Wake up and fall asleep again.

Is the devil holding you down when you wake up and cant move?

No. That is called temporary sleep paralisys.

What can dolphins do while they sleep?

they cant sleep pendejos!!

What do you call a person that cant clot their blood?

If it is an inherited condition, the person will be called a haemophiliac.

What is the difference between anxious and worried?

Anxious is when a person start to fear something and is a disorder. Worried is when you have something on your mind and cant keep it off.

Can a person with Asperger's have Antisocial Personality Disorder if their behaviour is not down to their autism and they have shown no remorse for anything?

of course they work on different parts of the brain, just because someone has a brain disorder doesnt mean their lives cant be made worse by a personality disorder

Can you burp in your sleep?

no you cant