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CAR WASH MATS is one of the equipments

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Q: What Equipment Needed in Mobile Car Detailing?
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Where can one get mobile detailing service done?

If you are searching for car detailing and many other car services, then I will highly recommend you to visit Mobile Supercar Detailing Ltd, they have professional team and reasonable prices also.

What detailing equipment is needed to start a car detailing business?

Ok if you are going to start detailing cars yourself you will need good car washing liquid to wash the cars and a towel or mitt that will not scratch the car. You will also need a drying towel, car wax and armor all. To clean the inside you will need a vacuum and perhaps carpet cleaner.

How do you start a mobile car detailing business?

all u have to do is get every thing that you need

How much money does it cost to start a mobile car detailing?

over 300,00 dollars

Can you give tips for car detailing, or am I best leaving it to the professionals?

You can check these sites out for car detailing. You can also check out these following sites , and these sites

What are the equipment needed for racing?

a car.

Car Detailing Services in Portland?

Car Detailing Services in Portland

where can I get my car detailed in Lancaster, CA 93535?

Encore Auto Detailing & Mobile Services. Serving Los Angeles County and more

Where can one get car graphics and detailing done in the Los Angeles area?

There are several options in order to get some great and outstanding car graphics done in the Los Angeles area. Some examples for that include: "Los Angeles Car Wrap", "Rob's Glass Tinting" or "Legacy Mobile Detailing".

Why is detailing more important for your car than you think?

With the rising number of car detailing Brisbane companies the business is surely gaining a good hold in the market. But do you know why it is suddenly catching so much popularity? Why is car detailing suddenly demanded by majority? The thoughts on car detailing varies from person to person. Some think it is an expensive car wash which is not really needed. While others see it as an essential need to increase the durability of their car. They see it as an effort to keep their car new. All these confusions arise when you don't really know what actually car detailing is and its multiple benefits. You are going to find it as you read ahead.

How do you provide water for a car wash at a remote site?

Many mobile car detailing businesses use a 100 or 200 gallon poly tank with a pressure washer connected to it.

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