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Juan Ponce De Leon was the first European to find la Florida.

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he explored Florida. he was trying to find the fountain of youth. he explored some part of America with Columbus, he explored Florida after that, and then he found Puerto Rico. that's 3.

John Cabot explored under the rule of King Henry VII. He is the first European to arrive in the area now known as New Foundland.

He explored Mexico and Florida. In Florida he tried to start a colony and find gold. He couldn't do either. He died trying to escape from a storm in Florida.

european explorers, the european explorers were explorers from europe which comes in the word euopean, explores were people who explored and sailed on ships to find either new land or a way to trade

Juan Ponce de Leon was credited for the discovery of Florida, but may not have been the first to find it. He discovered Florida while looking for the Fountain of Youth, which was a European myth back then.

Christopher Columbus was the first European explorer to find the Pacific Ocean.

The first thing they found was a turtle shaped arrow made from chicken legs.

Henry Hudson explored to find riches and spices.

He was the first European to find the Americas.

well it is something but read this and find out. i do know but I'm not sure if i should share it with people i don't know. you know what i don't know this answer but thanks for reading this There were many explorers who claimed land in the United States for Spain Christopher Columbus the first European to discover the New World. Juan Ponce de Leon landed in St,Augstine Florida Francisco Vasquez de Coronado explored the southwestern part of America, and the Grand Canyon. Hernando de Soto explored the southeastern part of America. Amerigo Vespucci who America is named after.

John Cabot explored Newfoundland on his first successful voyage in the year of 1497.

Ponce de leon explored because he wished to find the fountain of youth... He gave Florida its name.

He was the first European to find them and was killed there.

Ponce de leon explored because he wished to find the fountain of youth... He gave Florida its name.

First of all get the name of it them go out and look it up on a map of the coast of Florida

Expansion of European rule and power was a significant interest in the Age of Discovery. They mostly explored the New World in search of passages that were said to lead to Asia and the East Indies, its products, and some simply to find adventure. :)

yes Henry Hudson explored for theNorthwest passage and he also explored to find new land.!!!!!!

De Leon landed in Florida and was the first European to see the Mississippi River in 1513. He was not looking for a fountain of youth. He lived in Cuba and was killed by a poisoned arrow.

he was greedy and he went to the new world to find gold and silver also he discovered the Mississippi river and he was the first European to explore Florida so their are your traits of Hernando De Soto

balboa was the first european to see the Pacific Ocean from the Americas.

The first European was Captain James Cook.

He was the first to know that Florida was not an island

Ponce de Leon I learned that from Family Guy. "Like my great great uncle Ponce de Leon Griffin."

The Vikings found the first European settlement in North America in 1520. The Vikings are known for being a ruthless people.

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