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Q: What Fab Five players graduated from the University of Michigan?
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What high school did Gerald Ford attend?

Ford attended Yale Law School and graduated there. After graduating from Michigan in 1935, he turned down offers to play professional football and instead coached football and boxing at Yale University for five years.

Which of the Michigan fab five players still plays for the Miami Heat today?

Juwan Howard

What Division one colleges are in Michigan?

The division one colleges in Michigan are, with the commonly known name of the school in parenthesis:University of Michigan (Michigan)Michigan State University (Michigan State)Central Michigan University (Central Michigan)Eastern Michigan University (Eastern Michigan)Western Michigan University (Western Michigan)

Which five NCAA teams have the most active players in the NFL how many?


What top five college or university have produced the most Super Bowl players since the conception of the Super Bowl?

Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, and Notre Dame have 3 SB MVP's each. USC, Miami, Michigan, and Stanford have 2 MVP's, others may have 2, but I'm not really sure.

College basketball teams that the whole starting lineup made the nba?

University of Michigan's Fab Five University of Illinois's 2004-2005 Team

How many former Michigan Basketball Players have won an NBA Championship?

One Of the fab five have rings. Juwan Howard 2012

Who did Ray Jackson play for?

Jackson played basketball for the University of Michigan. He was a strong defender, but was the least known of the Fab Five.

Which state borders on four of the great five lakes?

The state of Michigan borders on four of the five Great Lakes: Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie. Michigan does not border on Lake Ontario.

What is the only state to touch four of the five great lakes?


What are the top rated Nursing College schools in the United States?

The top five nursing schools in the United States are University of Washington in Seattle, University of California in San Francisco, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

What are the names of the five players who have won the Heisman Trophy that were born in Ohio but did not attend Ohio State?

There are at least six players that I recall who were born in Ohio, did not play for the Buckeyes and won the award. They would be Larry Kelley (Yale), Frank Sinkwich (Georgia), Dick Kazmeir (Princeton), Roger Staubach (Navy), Charles Woodson (Michigan) and Desmond Howard (Michigan).