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What Factors need to be considered for choosing where to build a bridge?


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ground conditions

access points

local roads




local people opinions


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You can build a scale model/toy bridge out of toothpicks. You can not build a real bridge to walk on out of toothpicks.

in 1954 they started to build the macinaw bridge

when is the bridge the crocodile and the ostrich build

The most expensive kind of bridge to build is actually the suspension bridge.

It took 7 years to build the forth bridge

Love Can Build a Bridge was created on 1995-03-06.

We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge was created in 1996.

The material used to build the bridge was wood and steel

no Abraham Darby III build the first iron bridge

you buy spagetti and make a bridge!

didn't build a bridge at all

The bridge that took the longest to build was the Qingado Haiwan Bridge. This bridge is located in the country of China. It is twenty six point four miles in length.

It took 450 people to build the London Tower Bridge!

it took 6 years to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

the tacoma narrows bridge costed OVER 9000$ to build

it took 600 odd people to build the Brooklyn bridge.

how long does it take to build a beam bridge of 2400 sq ft

it took 3 months to build the iron bridge in Newport Pagnell

it took 11 years to build the Henderson waves bridge.

well inorder to build a strong bridge you need to design it first and then you need to get steal and stuff like that to build it

To build a bridge, firstly you have to see what kind of a bridge is suitable for the particular place, it can be a wooden bridge or cemented etc. Secondly, before starting you have get a model made with the collaboration of a construction company for a proper balanced bridge.

My husband's grandfather, Christian Gies, helped build the bridge. He was injured during the build.

It took 600 people and 14 years to build the Brooklyn Bridge.

London Bridge doesn't have any towers. You may be thinking about Tower Bridge which took about six years to build.

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