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ugh.. i think most stock brokers would want A in their math and A in AS level math and A in A2 level math lol

and also you could do economics, finace and buisness studies/ buisnes management

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You dont need any specific ones. But you need a good degree. In maths, physics, finance etc. And to get a good degree you need good a-levels, like Maths, Physics, English or similar.

Lots of maths and science helps.

Dont bother with chemistry.

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There is no set degree you need to become a stock other than employers will often go for someone with a 2:1 degree or above.

At GCSE, i don't think any certain subjects are needed other than maths, politics might come helpful when the market depends upon the status of the government, but don't ask me about them.

Again, take A levels that will get you into universities that offer degrees in economics, financial, accountancy or business.

I gather from different websites that employers are now more likely to employ you if you have an MSc or an MBA.

Then after that, you need to undergo more training.

Hope This Helped. Im Only 13 But My Uncle Always Tells Me About It.

He Gets Around £120,000 a Year But It May Vary Due To Experience

iReecey. Thanks Mate

Look at this.

South West £100,000North West £100,000West Midlands £100,000East of England £100,000East Midlands £75,000London £60,000Yorkshire and The Humber £40,000South East £39,999

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Q: What GCSE results do you need to be a stock broker?
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