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Universitys don't say any specific GCSE's or A-Levels however you will need passes and good grades in "useful" subjects.

I think you should aim for as many A's as possible. Law is quite a heavy degree and fiercely competitive so high grades won't really set you apart. Of course they help but get some work experience under your belt, this will interest the best universities.

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Q: What GCSE results do you need to go into law?
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Can you get gcse results online?

Some exam boards do but you will need to check. Go on to their website.

Do you need maths GCSE grade C to go to uni or can i go with a D?

yes you do need maths GCSE grade C to go to uni

What GCSE's do you need to go into acting?

You need a drama GCSE for a good base to get into acting. If you don't have that, then it will be harder to become an actor.

Are your gcse results more important than your a levels to go to university?

yes becasue with out good gcse u wont be able to do ur a levels

What date gcse result come out?

GCSE Students usually receive the results of their GCSE in the fourth week of August CCEA publish their results on the Tuesday and the other examination boards publish theirs on the Thursday. Students must go to their school to collect their results (although the online site Edexcel allows for the option of an online results service -whereby the results are posted online)

Is it illegal for a school to refuse your GCSE results because you haven't handed in some old books?

Yes, GCSE's are an examination grade. It has nothing to do with you borrowing books and not returning them. It is breaking the law because they are your results and no one elses. You should return those books though or cover the costs as they could take your to court, and you could be face with a fine that is much larger than the price that the books were paid for. our examination results are vital as they are your key to your future. If you go to the college and they will need your results also if you go srsight into a job then they would like to see your examination results and your EFL (Employability For Life Charter/Folder/Certificate). This sould arrive with your GCSE Rescults. These are the most important things when applying for a job, showingf that you have the knowledge. Hope I have helped. If you need more E-Mail :

How do you get the gcse results?

Either they normally get sent to you in the post or you go to your school during summer holidays to retrieve them

What GCSE subjects to i need to go on to be a lawyer?

Well you deffinatley need English you also need another language. You should also think about taking History.This is because it is relatted to the past law and everything else.

How many gcses do you need to go in Cambridge university?

To get to Cambridge you will need 3 to 5 A or A* in your GCSE'S

What GCSes do you need to be a lawyer?

In the way of results, as many A's as possible especially if you want to go to a good law school. I go to King's College Law School and I got 5A*and 4A's so good results help.

What are the qualifications you need to become a teacher?

you need to have gcse's that is the first thing you have to have you need to go to college and get the skills and qualifitcation's and get a MVQ.

When are the GCSE results for 2009 due to be announced?

The GCSE results are due to be announced on August 27, 2009, 9 a.m.Note:The "A Level" results were due out a week earlier, on August 20, 2009. Edexcel has published the Thursday 27th August, 2009 results. Good luck everybody! Click on the link below to go to the Edexcel official homepage:

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