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The University of Southern California (USC) does not have an official minimum requirement regarding grades, test scores, or GPA for students applying for admission. Typically, first-year students at USC graduated within the top 10 percent of their high school peers.

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Q: What GPA do you need to get into USC?
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What GPA is required to get a scholarship for USC?

you need a 3.7 GPA

What GPA is required to get into USC?

u need a 3.7gpa

What GPA do you need to be accepted into USC Aiken?


What is the minimum GPA needed at usc?

Minimum GPA at USC is a 3.0

What GPA do you need to be accepted into USC?

Answeru need a 3.8GPA--but they say each AP course is a +0.1

What is the minimum gpa to get into usc?


What is the required GPA to get into usc?


If you have a weighted GPA of a 3.523 and live out of state could you get into ucla usc ucsb?

it depends on the major and how many extracurriculars you did, because you're definitely going to need them if your GPA is that low

What is the average GPA of a USC student in their senior year?


What are the GPA and SAT requirements to get into UCLA USC and NYU?

go to you'll find evrything you need there

What is the high school GPA requirement to get into usc college?

3.71 is the average high school GPA i believe. but it's gotten to be a fairly competitive school, and you're gonna need a lot more than just a decent GPA.

What are the general requirements for getting into USC?

You need a 3.7 average GPA 2 get 2 USC You need a 3.7 average GPA 2 get 2 USC To Become A Graduate Student You Will Need: The university requires a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 (on a scale in which A=4.0) and combined Quantitative and Verbal GRE scores of no less than 1,000. In addition, each department sets its own standards, which tend to be more competitive.

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