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Q: What GPA does a student need to get into National Honor Society?
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What GPA do you need to keep to stay in national honor society?


What grade point average do you need to be on the high school national honor society?


How do you write National Junior Honor Society essay?

You have to write what you do outside of school and how you help the community. You would also need to talk about your grades and how you don't just study 24/7.

Problems encountered of the second year student in getting low performance in national achievement test?

If a second year student is showing a low performance in the national achievement test, it most likely means that this student is not prepared to move on. The student may need remedial classes or help from a tutor to prepare for graduation.

What GPA do I need to get a accounting scholarship?

An accounting student must have a GPA average of 3 or more for admission at a leading university like Canada, especially if you want the scholarship. National Society of Accountants Scholarship Foundation, is available to the United States or Canadian citizens who have a college student 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale

Why did the National Audubon Society need to protect wild birds?

They were being hunted to extinction for hat decorations

Why did National Audubon Society need to protect wild birds?

They were being hunted to extinction for hat decorations.

Why you need to pledge?

we need a pledge to Honor our country.

What A level grades do you need for student visa?

You do not need any particular grades. You need to prove you are a student.

Would a student getting a 3.084 gpa be eligible for the high school honor roll?

No, you need at least a 3.3 :/ I just got a 3.084 too, it sucks. Keep trying!

What personal qualities do you need to be a student?

A student will need to be honest, enthusiastic and positive attitude.

Why does society need diversity?

society need diversity because it is good

Why did the Greek society need to develop numerals?

Why did society need numerals

Where could I get a student loan?

I need a student loan. Where is a list of places to acquire a student loan?

Can a student use a student id to board a plane?

no, you need a passport.

Does the matron of honor need to be married herself?

A matron of honor is married (she could be living common law.) A maid of honor is a single woman.

Why is there a need for social stratification in every society?

why is there a need for social stratification in every society

Why do we need of legal system in a society?

to uphold the society

Do travelers need a work visa to get jobs in the UK?

An overseas national who is not settled in the United Kingdom, will need a work visa to get a job. There is an exception if you are on a student visa, and then you are able to work part time in the UK.

What is an independent student?

Someone that's a smart student and they don't need your help

What grades do you need to get to make honor roll in elementary?


How many Bs do you need to get in the honor roll?


How a student leader serve student?

a student council leader will be responsible for their student body like telling them what they need to do. Also checking what they are doing

What GPA do you need for the national society of collegiate scholars?

3.4 or above! You can tweet me @shayquig if you have any more questions. Best of luck with your studies, Shay

Honor killing in 21st century-a shame?

It's only a shame when honor is misplaced. There is no honor in the killing itself, honor should be in serving an honorable cause & having the conviction to die if need be.