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What Graphics card will work on a K7VM3 Asrock Motherboard?

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Any AGP 4x Graphics card will work on this motherboard.

2007-07-03 18:19:31
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Q: What Graphics card will work on a K7VM3 Asrock Motherboard?
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What Graphics card will work on a Asrock Motherboard?

More details would be required to answer this I'm afraid. Ie the model number of the motherboard. From here, we can be of more use to you.

Is there a motherboard that can take an agp card and pci express?

Yes. Asrock 939Dual.,1120.html

What is the best graphic card you can use for an asrock ata133 k7vm3 motherboard amd sempron 1.88ghz in order to be able to play fast video game like nfs-underground?

nividia 5700 Le 128. I have the same set up and player nfsu2 just fine

How do you locate graphics card?

Locate the connector where the CRT plugs in. If it plugs in to a separate card, that's the graphics card. If it plugs in directly to the motherboard then the graphics card is integral to the motherboard.

Did there has any motherboard where you can play any game without grafic card?

Every PC has to have either graphics embedded into the motherboard or either a a dedicated graphics card that fits into an expansion slot on the motherboard. You can buy a motherboard without graphics, but you would need to supply a graphics card to go with it.

What graphics card should you buy for under 300 for an AsRock z77 motherboard?

You might want to check out or they are generally really helpful and smart!

What will i do if a motherboard cannot support a graphic card?

Get a new motherboard or a new graphics card.

Does Asrock motherboard have Pixel shader?

Pixel shader technology is part of your video card and its drivers. Unless your motherboard has integrated video, it has nothing to do with pixel shader. If your asrock motherboard has integrated video, find out what kind of integrated video it has & post a new question with that info.

When you add a graphics card to a motherboard with a intergrated graphics card do both cards work together?


How do you find a graphics card that fit your motherboard?

Read the owner's manual for your motherboard.

Can you take a PS3 graphics card out and put it in a computer?

No. The "graphics card" in a PlayStation 3 is integrated into the motherboard.

If you have ddr2 ram and currently have a ddr1 graphics card can you get a ddr2 graphics card?

If it can fit in the motherboard, yes.

Can you change the graphics card in a laptop?

No because the card is built into the motherboard

What is the difference between integrated graphics and a graphics card?

A graphics card plugs into your computer, integrated means the graphics chip is ready installed on the motherboard.

What can be a separate card and built into a motherboard?

A graphics card can be a separate, add on, card but the functionality can also be built into the motherboard to save space.

Can ram be used as graphics card?

Only if you have an integrated graphics card that is built into your motherboard can it take advantage of your ram.

Where is a graphics card?

If you have an external graphics card, it will be located in the agp slot on your motherboard. If you open the case on your computer, you should be able to see it. The agp slot is often at the top of and of a different colour to the PCI slots. Cards which are mounted on the motherboard are called onboard graphics cards and are a different matter. Consult your motherboard manual for layout and for where the onboard graphics card should be.

Can a motherboard go bad because of a graphics card?


Is your motherboard compatible with this graphics card?

it depends, all mobos should be compatible with ur graphics card but definitely if the grafix card is integrated in to the mobo lol

If you reinstall vista will you lose your motherboard and graphics card driver's?

NO...... As vista has a feature of having its own drivers so as soon as the re-installation of vista is done, it'll have the drivers for motherboard and the graphics card.

Can a DDR3 graphic card work in a DDR2 motherboard?

YES. The type of memory on a graphics card has absolutely nothing to do with the type of memory being used by the CPU/motherboard. The only concern in compatibility is the type of expansion bus slot that the motherboard supports, and the type needed by the graphics card.

Can you get a graphic card for fujitsu lifebook a512?

The Graphics Card in the Fujitsu Lifebook a512 is not removable or upgradable. If you want to upgrade the Graphics Card, it isn't possible. If you have a faulty Graphics Card, then you will need to have the entire Motherboard replaced.

What video card is compatible with an Asus A7V880 Motherboard?

hi there, any agp 8x graphics card will work in this motherboard.hope this helpsbe safe

Can you put a graphics card to the PS3?

No you cannot :(. The PlayStation 3 has a intergrated GPU(graphics card) which is solderd onto the motherboard, and there are no slots for a graphics upgrade unlike a computer which can be upgraded.

Where i can get 1.1 vertex shader version?

If you have an onboard graphics card it wont have you find it on normal graphics card that are not on the motherboard..any graphics card can support vertex shader so buy one