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Broth Remained clear.

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Q: What Happened In Experimental Group In Spallanzani's Experiment?
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In the experimental group in spallanzanis experiment the?

both remained clear

In an experiment the experiment group is?

An Experimental group is the group that has two diffrent substances

In a controlled experiment what is the experimental group compared to?

The control group.

The experimental group and the?

Learn about the difference between the control group and the experimental group in a scientific experiment.

What is the name for an experiment in which a controlled group is compared with an experimental group?

A controlled experiment

What is a group that is altered in an experiment?

The experimental group is altered because it is affected by the experimental variable.

A group which receives the variable in an experiment?

experimental group

In an experiment a group that is identical to a control group except for one factor and that is compared with the control group?

a controlled experiment is an experiment that tests only one factor at a time by using a control group and experimental group

Are control groups and experimental groups the same thing?

In a controlled experiment, there are two groups. The control group is a group that nothing happens to. The experimental group is the group that you subject to the variable with which you are experimenting. At the end of the experiment, you test the differences between the control group, for whom nothing happened, and the experimental group, which received the variable. The difference (or similarities) between the two groups is how your results are measured.A control group is the group used for comparison in an experiment. One group receives the treatment that is being tested by the experiment; another group (the control group) has the exact same controlled environment, but does not receive this treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment can then be established by comparison with the control group.

What is the definition of the experimental group?

The experimental group is use to compare with the control group, and viceversa. The experimental group is the group that we change the variable to experiment it's effects, as twcontrol group is the'original' experiment's results. Such a when we want to know the effect of changing a variable.

What is an experimental and control group?

it is the groups in experiment

Which variable of an experiment changes?

the experimental group