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Q: What Happens when material becomes radioactive?
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What happens to a radioactive nucleus when it emits is gamma particle?

it becomes stable.

Is gasoline radioactive?

Oil is not generally radioactive unless it was originally located near radioactive material when it was extracted. More often, it only becomes radioactive when exposed to or stored near radioactive materials post processing.

What happens to a material when it loses electron?

a it becomes positively b it becomes negatively charge

What happens to radioactive materials if you do not use them?

That depends on the radioactive material. But whether you use it or not, the radioactive material will decay into other elements over the course of time. The time it takes for half of the material to decay into something else is called the "half-life". The more radioactive the substance is, the faster it decays. The half-life of a radioactive element can be measured from fractions of a second to billions of years.

What happens if a nuclear reactor blows up?

A nuclear meltdown will be in process releasing radioactive material

Can radioactive be recycled?

Yes, there are a number of uses for radioactive material. It depends on the type of radioactive material.

What happens during radioactive decay apex?

An unstable nucleus loses particles until it becomes stable.

What happens to the volume of a material during thermal contractions?

It becomes smaller.

What happens to a radioactive material over time?

It disintegrates into its daughter nuclei that are much more stabler than the radioactive nuclei. If a sample of radioacictive material is left it will decay into another element over a period of time. Note that complete decay is not possible. A fraction of the original radioactive material will always remain in the sample.

What happens when something absorbs a high energy electron?

the absorbing material becomes unstable

What counts radioactive material?

We often use a Geiger counter to detect and count the decay of radioactive material.

What is the name for the emission of rays and particles by a radioactive material?

The name for the emissions of rays and particles by a radioactive material are called radioactive decay. There are many different types of radioactive decay that emit different rays and particles.