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The English word "seven" does not come from Hebrew. It comes from Greek via Old English.

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Q: What Hebrew word does the number seven come from?
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What is the Hebrew word for seven?

Seven = sheva (שבע)it is traditionally represented with the letter zayin (ז) but in Modern Hebrew, the number 7 is used.

What is the numerical equilalent for the Hebrew number tiv?

"tiv" does not appear to be a Hebrew word.

What number is associated with water in Hebrew?

the number 40 is associated with water in Hebrew. It's represented by the letter mem (מ) which is the first letter in the Hebrew word for water, and also assumed to come from the Egyptian hieroglyph for water.

What does the Hebrew word mizmor mean?

Mizpar does not appear to be a Hebrew word. Maybe the spelling is off.Mispar (מספר) is the Hebrew word for "number"

Where does the word pancic come from?

There is no such word in either English or Hebrew.

What Language did the word Jubilee Come From?


What language did the word Kosher come from?


Where did the word yahweh come from?

the jews its hebrew

Where does heptagon come from?

A heptagon is a polygon with seven sides. The word originated from the Greek prefix "hepta" which refers to the number seven.

What is the hebrew word meaning seven-branched lamp?

menorah (מנורה)

What language does the Hebrew word chimidun come from?

chimidun is not a Hebrew word, but it looks like it could be related to the word khamud (cute) or khemed (lovely). Both words are originally from Hebrew.

What does the Hebrew word lavo mean?

lavó (לבוא) = "to come"