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What Japanese war cry meant May you live forever?

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What is swallow in Japanese?

If you meant the bird, then it is "Tsubame"- (Tsoo-bah-may)

What is the Japanese word for the English word forever?

You may use the word 'eien,' written: 永遠

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in a taco

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You may say 'Doko ni sunde imasu ka.'

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May the good Lord be with youDown every road you roamAnd may sunshine and happinesssurround you when you're far from homeAnd may you grow to be proudDignified and trueAnd do unto othersAs you'd have done to youBe courageous and be braveAnd in my heart you'll always stayForever Young, Forever YoungForever Young, Forever YoungMay good fortune be with youMay your guiding light be strongBuild a stairway to heavenwith a prince or a vagabondAnd may you never love in vainand in my heart you will remainForever Young, Forever YoungForever Young, Forever YoungForever YoungForever YoungAnd when you finally fly awayI'll be hoping that I served you wellFor all the wisdom of a lifetimeNo one can ever tellBut whatever road you chooseI'm right behind you, win or loseForever Young, Forever YoungForever Young ,Forever YoungForever Young, Forever YoungFor, Forever Young, Forever Young

Why are most of the Japanese sexually active?

Japan is densely populated so they are all very close to each other. As in touching distance for most of the day. Proximity is an aphrodisiac. Culturally, the nuclear bombing may also have something to do with it. From an early age they know that they're not going to live forever!

What is the phrase 'forever my love' when translated from English to Japanese?

You may say 'itsumademo koibito,' written: いつまでも恋人

Can you become a citizen in Japan if you were not born there?

I'm not sure if this is true, but you have to live there for a number of years and you also have to be Japanese. I, myself, am not Japanese, but my friend is. And she says you have to be Japanese or at least half to be considered a citizen of Japan, but there may be other ways to be a citizen.

How do i say i will love you forever in Japanese?

You may say 'itsumade mo ai shite iru,' written: いつまでも愛している

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May be in Japanese?


What is the Japanese word for rain?

Ame. (A-may) is the Japanese word for rain.

In Japanese are you married?

You may say 'kekkon shiteimasu ka' in Japanese.

What is a typical Japanese family made of?

Most often, the typical Japanese family is made of humans, though some may choose to raise a pet such as a cat, dog, or fish, among others. Though the typical Japanese family consists of a father, mother, and children, though sometimes the father's parents may also live with the family.

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Viva forever by the Spice Girls was released May 1998