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Jimmy Page uses a 1959 Les Paul, SunBurst

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Q: What Les Paul does Jimmy Page play?
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What guitar did jimmy page play?

tele, les Paul, danelectro. mostly les paul with led Zep.

Where can one find a Jimmy Page Les Paul?

A Jimmy Page Les Paul is a very useful but expensive product. A Jimmy Page Les Paul can be found on these three online websites, Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

What type of guitars did Led Zeppelin play?

Jimmy Page preferred the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster

What guitar did jimmy page use?

A Gibson Les Paul.

What is the best Gibson Les Paul?

The one owned by Jimmy Page.

What kind of a guitar did Jimmy Page play?

Jimmy Page is known as the guitarist for the rock band Led Zeppelin. Page has used numerous guitars throughout his career. Some examples include a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Harmony-Sovereign H-1260, and Danelectro 3021.

What kind of guitar did Jimmy Page help popularize?

Gibson Les Paul A type of double neck guitar.

What guitar did jimmy page play on rock n roll?

The song Rock N Roll was on the Led Zeppelin 4 album, second song. however on the first album jimmy page used a fender telecaster, then he changed to a 1959 Gibson les paul standard given to him from Joe Walsh (modified with a shaved neck) and was used on the Second led zeppelin album, but on The song remains the same film, it shows jimmy page using a gibson les paul standard, however it's very hard to determine what guitar he used in the studios.

What kind of guitar does jimmy page have?

1959 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst '57 Gibson PAF Pickups

What guitarists have used the Gibson Les Paul standard?

Slash, Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, Pete Townshend, Zakk Wylde (altough he usually uses customs), Peter Green, Les Paul himself, countless others

Was Whole Lotta Love recorded with Jimmy's Fender Telecaster or did he use his Les Paul?

Although he had made the switch to a Gibson Les Paul prior to the recording of Led zeppelin II, Jimmy Page knew that this would not give him the sound he was looking for for Whole Lotta Love. For this reason Jimmy reverted to the Fender Telecaster (which he had used earlier in his career) when he had recorded Whole Lotta Love!

What famous guitar players use Gibson les Paul guitars?

Jimmy Page, Slash, Angus Young, Zakk Wylde to name just four

Does Les Paul play concerts still?

Answer Les Paul passed away in 2009.

Which is better les paul or strat?

the strat is way better! i suppose if you just want a vintage guitar that is going to sit on you're self and look pretty you can get a les paul. Or if you are an experienced player who is really delicate and you don,t play live at concerts just at your house it will work. But if youre like me, and you like rocking out hard core, you should get a stratocaster. P.S. Rock on Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Personally I dont think a les paul is all that bad...... Jimmy Page? Slash? Ring any bells? they never used fenders they used a good ol' les paul and look where that took them. Plus the Les Paul is 110% bad-ass

What instrument in bass does Les Paul play?

He plays the Gibson Les Paul Guitar. The electric guitar was first sold in 1952. The Les Paul was designed by Ted McCarty in collaboration with the guitarist Les Paul.

What is special about Les Paul's Epiphone?

Les Paul's Epiphone is special because it allows beginner guitarists to learn how to play and get accustomed to Les Paul guitars. It is also the most popular out of the various Les Paul guitars.

What guitar did Jimi Page mostly use.?

les paul

Which model of guitar does Les Paul play?

I've personally seen him playing a Gibson Les Paul Custom.

What is better a Gibson Les Paul Standard or a Gibson Les Paul Traditional?

Standard. Play them both and you will understand.

Which are the custom guitars made for Jimi Page?

jimi page usually uses a Gibson les paul, les paul custom, or a 1275 double neck. he recently had a new les paul custom black beauty made in the past year. it was an improvement of the original black beauty and was made to jimi pages specifications

What type of guitar did Paul Stanley play?

I believe a Les Paul

What is Jimmy Pages favorite guitar?

a 1958 Gibson les paul

Who uses Gibson Les Paul guitars?

Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Mike Bloomfield, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Gary Rossington, Joe Walsh, Slash, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Duane Roland, Gary Moore, and many others.

What kind of guitar does Jimmy Page use?

[In Led Zeppelin] In the 70's, he used a '59 Gibson Cherry Sunburst Les Paul, but he also used a red Gibson SG doubleneck, black and white Danelectro.

How did Les Paul learn how to play guitar?