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Q: What Mentos flavor will make any soda explode?
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How many Mentos do you need to make a soda bottle explode?

You Will Need About 5 Or 6 Mentos To Make The Bottle Of Soda Explode.

What Mentos make soda explode?


How can you make a soda explode?

Put mint mentos in a caffeine soda then it will explode. Hope that helps!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

What can explode soda?

Dropping Mentos into soda will cause it to explode.

Can any other candy make soda explode?


Does Mentos explode in club soda?


What candy explode in soda?


How many Mentos do you put in a soda to make it explode?

A whole pack

What makes a soda explode?

Mentos in coke

What is a better soda that can explode with Mentos?


Does Mentos or pop rocks make soda explode?

no i did the experiment. the pop rocks just float to the top and the mentos fizz up the soda depending on the type of soda

What kind of candy can make soda explode?

Maybe a menthol candy like MENTOS.

Can poprocks make soda explode?

No it can't make it explode, but it could make it frizz or over flow a cup, it depends on the size of the cup. But mentos will make an explosion when put it soda.

Why do fruit Mentos and soda explode?

They explode because of the baking soda and vinegar mixed in and when there together BOOM.

What will explode when mentos is added?

The myth is that Mentos plus soda equals an explosion. The truth is the the soda bubbles up and erupts like a volcano, but does not actually explode.

Why does Mentos and soda explode?

mentos and soda are not explosive under STP.... so, for future reference, "explode" is not really the right word, but I know what you're talking about.

Why does soda explode when Mentos are interacted with each other?

It is the chemical reaction that the mentos have when they combine

How come soda explodes if you put Mentos gum in it?

because a chemical reaction happens to make it explode

Why do mentos explode in vinegar?

Acid in vinegar reacts with sodium monohydrogencarbonate (baking soda) which is present in mentos.

How do you make a Mentos soda bomb?

Take a bottle of soda (any kind will do). Open the cap. Then, make sure you have a mint Mentos packet. The mint Mentos works best because of the reaction. Then, drop the desired amount of Mentos between 1 and 5 into the bottle. Stand back!It will explode. You may see the Mentos shoot out. Be careful though. If you use more than 5 Mentos, the bottle might explode. 5 Mentos already can topple the soda bottle and create a break at the mouth of the bottle.

How does Mentos explode soda?

There are chemicals in the soda called Potassium Benzoate and aspartame that react with other chemicals in Mentos like the gelatin and Arabic gum.

Does water and Mentos explode?

No, use carbonated soda's and you will get a huge foamy mess.

What if a person has Mentos and soda together?

You can but i heard your stomach could explode but its not impossable

How many pieces of Mentos does it take to explode a soda bottle?

Just one.

Why doesn't regular soda explode with Mentos?

Because the normal soda that does react has a larger ammount of carbonation in it.