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Q: What NFL team has most Alabama players on it?
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How many nfl players currently play for Alabama?

There are Zero NFL players who currently play for Alabama. Alabama does not have a professional football team.

Who has the most NFL football players Alabama or auburn?


What NFL team has the fewest white players?

The Baltimore Ravens is the NFL team with the fewest white players. The NFL team with the most white players is the New England Patriots.

What is the most players you can have on a NFL football team?


What NFL team has the most Hispanic players?


What college team has the most NFL players in the NFL as of 2009?

Florida Gators.

Do NFL players who get cut try to get on the roster the next season?

NFL players who are cut and can negotiate with any team. Most players that are cut will try to get on any team as soon as they can.

Which NCAA team has the most players in the NFL?

The USC Trojans

What college team has the most active players in the NFL?


What college team has the most NFL players as of 2008?


What nfl team has most black players?

The Philadelphia Eagles.

What NFL team has most LSU players?

Washington redskins