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There is no manga chapter for that because that episode is a filler episode.


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Manga chapter 429 is equivalent to episode 162

Episode 242 is trying to catch up to the latest manga chapters. Most likely this episode is equivalent to chapters 491 to maybe 493. Then chapter 494 will be caught up with the next episode of Naruto Shippuden.

Episode 202 of the original series was a filler, so no manga insperation. The Shippuden episode was equivalent to chapters 460-462.

The latest naruto shippuden episode is 163. The new manga chapter and naruto shippuden episode releases on internet weekly every thursday.

Episode 203 represents manga chapters 462-464 of Naruto Shippuden.

Episode 218. :) Current chapter: 545. (Shippuden.)

Sakura tells Naruto that she loves him in Naruto Shippuden Episode 206: Sakura's Feelings. In the manga, it was Naruto Shippuden Chapter 469: Sakura's Confession.

I think its whatever chapter is about the Kage Summit.

he doesnt in the anime yet, but in the manga he does in chapter 498.

Naruto shippuden starts episode 221.

The last Naruto Shippuden episode is episode 64

It hasn't aired yet. In fact I believe that you will have to wait quite a long time, since the latest naruto shippuden episode (153) corresponds to the Naruto Manga Chapter 406

One: Where or who told you that Naruto and Sakura kiss. Two: There hasn't been an episode or chapter of the manga where the kiss.

Assuming you mean episode 113 when Sasuke begins fighting Orochimaru, that would be chapter 343.

Naruto Shippuden episode 246, The Orange Spark.

Naruto sees Hinata in Shippuden episode 33.

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