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In 1804 they encounter the Sheoaki and the Natives only spoke English. This is the one and only Indian Tribe to speak the English language.

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Q: What Native American tribe did Lewis and Clark encounter in February of 1804?
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Is Sacagawea Native American?

Yes! Sacajawea is native american. Sacajawea traveled with Lewis and Clark.

What was the name of the Native American baby was on the journey with Lewis and Clark?

Sacajawea gave birth during the expedition to Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau on February 11, 1805, whom Clark later raised and educated.

Who did Lewis and Clark encounter on their expedition?

Specifically, Sacagewea and her husband, Toussaint Charbonneau, who was a French fur trader. They also met several Native American tribes and their leaders as well as other traders and trappers along the way.List of Native American tribes they encountered:

Who was the Native American woman who helped Lewis and clark interprete?

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How many Native American tribes did Lewis and Clark see?


What is the name of the native American that helped Lewis and clark?

The Native American who assisted Lewis and Clark on their expedition was Sacagawea. She served as an interpreter, guide, and provided valuable knowledge of the local terrain and resources.

Who was sacagwea?

sacagawea was a native American who assisted Lewis and Clark during their expeditions in American for translating for them.

Who was the Native American who helped guide Lewis and Clark in their exploration of the west?


Were any of the plants Lewis and clark encounter poisenous?

Yes, for they encountered poison ivy, a very common American plant.

Did Sacagawea help the pioneers?

Not directly. Sacagawea was the Native American guide for Lewis and Clark.

What Native American tribe helped Lewis and Clark after they crossed the Bitterroot Mountains?


What Native American tribe was hostile to Lewis and Clark?

i dont know i wasnt there