Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

What Pokemon can learn cut?

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Maybe every grass Pokemon can learn cut well not Lombre.

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What Pokemon could learn cut?

most Pokemon can learn cut

What Pokemon learn cut maturely?

No Pokemon can learn Cut by level up.

What Pokemon can learn HM cut?

only Pokemon with sharp claws can learn the hm cut

What Pokemon can learn cut in the Pokemon Blue game?

parasect can learn cut bellsprout to and a farfetch´d krabby kan also learn cut

Can rattata learn cut in Pokemon silver?

No, it is not able to learn cut.

Which Pokemon can learn Cut in ruby?

these Pokemon can learn cut zigzagoon, torchic and its evolution nincada and many more

Why wont my Pokemon learn cut?

i can only tell you that Pokemon like sandshrew,paras,etc learn cut.

Can Luxio learn cut?

yes luxio can learn cut luxray can learn cut and shinks can almost every Pokemon can earn cut

How do you get cut in Pokemon naranja version?

train a scyther then it will learn cut!!^^train a scyther then it will learn cut!!^^

How can your Pokemon learn to cut in ruby version?

your Pokemon CANT learn cut in ruby, sapphire or emerald. you have to trade a Pokemon that's holding the TM cut (from sinnoh region game, platinum, diamond and pearl) then take it off them and they can learn cut.

How do you learn cut in FireRed?

get Pokemon to level 20 then go to the Pokemon center heal your Pokemon the it will learn cut after you defeat the second gym leader

What Pokemon can learn cut in HeartGold?

an oddish can learn cut in pkmn hg version

What is a cut?

Cut is a move that almost any Pokemon can learn.

What psychic Pokemon can learn fly and or cut in Pokemon Yellow?

The only psychic type that can learn fly is mew, it can learn any HM or TM in yellow. As for cut, exeggutor can learn it.

What Pokemon learn cut naturally in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No one.

What Pokemon can learn cut in Pokemon tower defense?


What level does Ivysaur learn cut on Pokemon orange?

Ummm....I don't think it can learn cut because cut is an HM.

Can venonat learn cut in Pokemon Crystal version?

No, venonat cannot learn the HM move cut

What Pokemon learn cut naturally?

none of them do

Can the Pokemon ledyba learn cut?


Can wurmple on Pokemon emerald learn cut?


Where is a Pokemon that knows cut in Pokemon firered version?

Grass Type Pokemon and those who have sharp claws can learn cut.

What Pokemon are able to learn cut?

there are many Pokemon that can learn this move. go to for a complete list.

What Pokemon re able to learn cut in yellow?

Grass Pokemon

What Pokemon in Pokemon tower defense could learn cut?