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What Pokemon can learn flash in platinum?

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all the Pokemon on dimmond that can learn flash can still learn flash in the platinum game too

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Is flash a TM or Hm in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, Flash is a TM.

What kind of Pokemon can learn flash?

Most electric type Pokemon can learn flash.

Can zwurmple learn flash Pokemon ruby?

No wurmple can not learn flash

In Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon can learn flash?

In Pokemon diamond many Pokemon can learn flash for eg. Electric Pokemon such as Pachurisu Pichu and Luxray all (eveloutions) and yeah just experiment and see what can learn flash!

What Pokemon can learn flash in Pokemon gold?

Most electric types can learn flash like voltorb and magnemite.

What Pokemon can learn flash in Pokemon HeartGold?

Any Pokemon that can learn a electric move

Can zigzagoon learn flash Pokemon ruby?

Zigzagoon cannot learn flash in ruby

How do you learn flash n Pokemon LeafGreen?

to learn flash you should have pokiemon up to 10

How do you flash you Pokemon Platinum?

how do you use flash? just go to pokemon and go to the pokemon that knows flash. press A and it will say in blue text "Flash" select that and it will use Flash. it's very useful in dark caves.

Pokemon Sapphire who can learn flash?

The following Pokemon that you can easily get to learn Flash in Sapphire: Beautifly or Dustox Lotad or Lombre Oddish Gloom

How do you get flash in Pokemon Platinum?

you buy it in the veilstone department store

What psychic Pokemon can learn rock climb in platinum?

No Psychic Pokemon in Platinum can learn HM Rock Climb (not including Mew or Mewtwo).

Which Pokemon knows flash attack?

Most electric type and psychic type pokemon can learn flash.

How do you get a Pokemon to learn flash in pokemon soul silver?

if you have the machine click on it and if there is the word ABLE on it, it can learn it

Any Pokemon can learn any TM in Pokemon Platinum?

The only Pokemon that can not learn a move is magikarp. Any Pokemon can learn at least one TM

How do you get hm flash in Pokemon platinum?

Flash is not an HM. It is a TM available at Veilstone Dept. Store for $1000.

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