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there are a lot of Pokemon that can learn surf but mostly water type Pokemon can learn surf but did you know that snorelax and rydon can lean surf

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What Pokemon can learn surf HeartGold?

Basically any water type can learn surf

What Pokemon can use surf in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver?

Any water Pokemon can use surf in heart gold and soul silver :) exsept magicarp

On Pokemon HeartGold how do you use surf when a Pokemon cant learn it?

You can't use surf if all your pokemons are unable to learn it. You must catch a Pokemon that can.

What Pokemon can learn surf in Pokemon soulsilver?

majority of water types in the game and furret

Do you need rockclimb to get to blaine in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions, HM08 Rock Climb is not needed to get to Seafoam Islands, HM03 Surf is though.

How do you reach Cianwood in Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold?

ALL you have to do is teach your Pokemon surf. then you walk to the beach left of olivine city and surf through the whirl islands and you'll be at cianwood?

Where do you get surf in Pokemon HeartGold?

you click on the water with a Pokemon with surf

Can Magikarp on Pokemon HeartGold learn surf?

I dont think so. I'm not really sure

What town do you get Surf in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Erecuteak city, Go in the dance theater and beat the rocket grunt and a man gives it to you

Where do you find surf in Pokemon Heart Gold?

to get surf in heartgold/soulsilver you have to first beat the the rocket grunt inside the ecruteak dance theater. after talk to the old man and then he will give the HM.

What Pokemon can learn surf in SoulSilver?

Gyrados, Tentacruel ,Seel, Totodile or its evolved forms, and basically any water Pokemon that you find in the ocean.

Where is the firth gym leader in heart gold?

The fifth gym leader is Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver is Chuck. He is in Cianwood City, but in order to get there you need surf.

Which Pokemon can learn surf in SoulSilver?

Mostly any water Pokemon, the fact that its soul silver doesnt matter. Even some non water Pokemon like rayquazza or lati@s can learn it

How do you surf if you don't have a water Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you trade a Pokemon for a water Pokemon, catch a water Pokemon, or you migrate a water Pokemon from a gameboy game. you can also get a water Pokemon for your starter Pokemon. (i beat the game on both heartgold and soulsilver so if u need help please contact flyingstar369@gmail.com

What Pokemon can learn surf in diamond?

almost every single water Pokemon can learn surf.

Can you ride Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

When you use Surf or Rock Climb.

Which Pokemon can surf in Pokemon HeartGold?

Any type of water Pokemon can surf. A few examples are Wailord , Empoleon and Relicanth

How can you get inside pal park?

First you have to beat the Heartgold/Soulsilver/Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Pokemon League then on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum you have to Surf to the route south of Sandgem Town battle the trainers and you're there for the Heartgold/Soulsilver games 1) beat Pokemon League 2) go to Fusha City north and viola you're there.

Can Vaporeon learn surf?

YES! It is a water Pokemon and can learn to surf.

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