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You can only catch Smeargle.

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No, Pokemon Sapphire Version does not have a Battle Frontier. However, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum do have the Battle Frontier.

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon LeafGreen

Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire do not have the Battle Frontier, instead they only have the Battle Tower. It was not until Emerald version that the Battle Frontier was added to the game.

If you see a Pokemon in the battle frontier you have not yet seen, it will not record it. The only way you can add that Pokemon to your pokedex is if you see it outside of battle frontier.

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Only the Battle Tower.

no you can not get exp in the battle frontier in Pokemon plat

There is no battle frontier in fire red

the battle frontier is only in emerald and platinum.

the battle frontier is in the fight unlock the fight area by beating the Pokemon league

No, there is no battle frontier my brother (Pokemon master) says so. their is however one in platinum.

Points you get in the battle frontier.

Retern to the battle frontier after reaching Blackthorn city

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It is only present in Pokemon Emerald for the GBA game series.

Well,you finished the game.Go train your Pokemon,complete your pokedex,or get battle points for prizes,or fight a battle frontier brain.It sucks

at the battle frontier there is only smeragle 40-50 and a sudowoodo on 50 actually sudowoodo is lvl 40 at the battle frontier

No, the Battle Frontier can only be found in Emerald, Platinum and HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Win in the battle frontier and get bp that can be used in little shops at the battle frontier

the battle frontier was called.....actually, i believe it was called the battle frontier.

You can't steal pokemon....(-_-)

After you defeat the Elite Four, You will unlock the battle frontier. The battle factory is at the West side of the battle frontier.

It's in the battle frontier at the battle area

in the battle frontier next to the battle factory