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The cinnabar leader blaine uses alot of growlithes.... you know its really easy is you chose squirtle as your starter.


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Defeat the Cinnabar Island Fire type gym leader Blaine Defeat the Cinnabar Island Fire type gym leader Blaine

On cinnabar island you need the key from the Pokemon mansion (basment)

In his Gym in Cinnabar.

He is in the Cinnabar Gym on Cinnabar Island.

Giovani left his gym to join Team Rocket as their leader. you must beat cinnabar gym then he will be there.

In Pokemon LeafGreen you can find Blaine the Cinnabar Island Gym Leader in the Cinnabar Gym however you will need to find the gym key that is in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island before you can unlock the door to the gym and challenge Blaine.

In the abandoned house on the right of cinnabar island. You need to figure out an puzzle and then you find the key to the gym.

He is in the GYM on Cinnabar island(he is the leader) koga is in the fuschia city gym not cinnabar island, there are invisible walls in the gym you can see there white outline so you can go around them until you reach koga.

Celio is on One Island in the giant Pokemon Center. You go there with Bill after you beat the Leader in the Cinnabar Gym (Forgot his name.)

revive a pokemon from a fossil and beat the fire gym leader Actually, you need to get the key from the Pokemon Mansion. It wouldn't make sense to require you to beat the gym in order to unlock the gym!

The 7th gym leader in fire red is Blaine in Cinnabar Island.To unlock The gym, u must go 2 the pokemon mansion,search the gym key in the basement.

Blue, the Viridian gym leader(looks like your rival for Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen), is on Cinnabar Island. Talk to him and he'll say a few things, then go to his gym in Viridian City.

you must find the key to the cinnabar island gym......

You must find the key to Cinnabar Islands Gym. It will be found in the pokemon mansion. After you enter the gym and win over Blain, the gym leader, you will receive the Volcano badge.

The Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island in Pokemon SoulSilver and HeartGold is not on his island. His gym is set up on the Seafoam Isands. He has 7 trainers. Hope I helped!

The eighth gym leader is actually the gym leader that belongs to the gym in Viridian City (One of the very early Cities) It is to the east of where there was a man lying down complaining about not having his coffee (the man that shows you how to catch pokemon) He will not appear at the gym (or the gym will not unlock) until you have beaten Blaine in Cinnabar.

The Gym Leader that allows you to use the HM move Strength in Pokemon FireRed is Erika. Erika is the Gym Leader of Celadon City and is the 4th Gym Leader the player faces.

Blaine will give it to you after you beat him in the Cinnabar Gym

Blaine (fire type user), found on cinnabar island.

He is the 8th gym leader who only appears after you have defeated Blaine, the 7th gym leader on Cinnabar Island.

if u laggg the game, you can buy pikachu from a runescape player It is in Cinnabar Islands Gym. The gym leader, Blain, has it and will give you it if you beat him. To get into the gym, you have to find the Secret Key in the sub-levels of the pokemon Mansion.

You have to get the key at the end of the Pokemon mansion and press 'a' on the gym door.

it is on cinnabar island. the gym leader blaine has lv42 growlith lv40 ponyta lv42 rapidash lv47 arcanine

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