What Pokemon game has Lugia in it?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Lugia is in Pokemon Silver, Soul Silver, and Heart Gold.

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Q: What Pokemon game has Lugia in it?
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What is shadow lugia?

Shadow Lugia is a fake pokemon. You can not obtain a Shadow Lugia in any Pokemon Game (so far). Shadow Lugia is just another rumor pokemon.

How do you get Lugia faster on Pokemon moon?

There is no Pokemon moon game.

Where do you get Lugia in Pokemon Colosseum?

Lugia is in Pokemon xd gale of darkness transfer it to a GBA game then trade it to colosseum to have it.

How do you get Shadow Lugia in HeartGold?

You cant get a shadow Lugia in any game except for the game cube Pokemon game Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. Shadow Pokemon are not really real, they are fake.

Anyone have a Lugia for trade?

I don't know anyone that has one {I wish I did}, but I know how to get one. Get the game Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, catch Lugia, trade it on a GBA Pokemon game, and if you have Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum, Migrate Lugia and 5 other Pokemon.

Is there a shadow Lugia in Pokemon platinum?

no there is not. I beat the game

Where can you get Lugia?

you can only get it in the Pokemon events or trade it from another game

How do you get Lugia on Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

I got lugia by using a Game Shark. I also got a lugia by trading him from the DX gail of Darkness gamecube game.

Is there an action replay code to get a shadow Lugia in Pokemon platinum?

There is no way to get Shadow Lugia in every game, only Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness has it.

Do you get Lugia first in Pokemon soul sliver?

Lugia in Pokemon Soul Silver is caught before Ho-oh, but isn't caught at the begging of the game.

Tell you every cheat in Pokemon emerald?

i want to know how to get lugia in pokemon emrald? you catch lugia by winning the game and restart the game by pressing a b start selct at the same time.

Dark lugia diamond?

Dark Lugia is also known as Shadow Lugia. You can get it in the game Pokemon XD and it is possible to trade it over to Diamond version.