What Pokemon know dig?

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Diglet and Dugtrio

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Q: What Pokemon know dig?
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Does other Pokemon know's dig with out a TM in Pokemon ruby?

Other Pokemon do know dig without the TM dig. Most DIGlets know dig. Find diglets in Diglet cave. Hope this helps!

How do you get out of seafoam island in LeafGreen?

Use an Escape rope, or a Pokemon that know dig Use an Escape rope, or a Pokemon that know dig Use an Escape rope, or a Pokemon that knows dig

How do you dig in Pokemon paltome?

Some Pokemon that know, or can learn Dig: Sandshrew, Sandslash, and the Mightyena that I have knows Dig also.

Which Pokemon already know dig in Pokemon shapphire?


Can a Pokemon already know dig?

yes digletts can

What Pokemon learn dig in Pokemon ruby?

I know that Pikachu can learn dig. I also think it's true that Aron can learn dig. I hope I helped you!

How do you find a Pokemon that knows dig in Pokemon Emerald?

Breed jigglypuff. Igglybuffs sometimes know how to dig.... It may be impossible but it works for me!

How do you get another dig if got rid of it on Pokemon emerald?

As far as I know the only way to get another dig is to trade for a Pokemon that is holding the TM dig or to get it from another version

In Pokemon emerald what Pokemon know dig?

diglett, rayquaza, and most ground type Pokemon

Do Any Pokemon Already Know Dig?

yes, digglet

Which Pokemon Know Dig on Pokemon Emerald?

You can give specific Pokemon TM28 Dig that you get from that town with all those ashes, and I know Nincada learns it naturally if you don't evolve it (I think it learns it Level 45).

Where to get a water stone in Pokemon pearl?

The only way I know is to dig underground using a Expl. Kit and dig for it. :/

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