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He was a democrat.

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Q: What Political Party was James Earl Ray part of?
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What political party is Chris Gregoire part of?


What major political party in the U.S. generally attracts upper class white males who are Protestant?

Political parties are not based on religion preferences. This is illegal in a secular democracy, so no one is EVER asked what religion they belong to as part of joining a political party.

Can U.s. citizens be in any political party?

Yes, U.S. Citizens are not required to be a part of any political party. They can choose to participate in one or act as an Independent. Citizens may choose to vote for any candidate (or write in their own) even if they have declared themselves to be part or a member of a particular party.

What is the difference between political party and interest group?

The difference is that a political party is part of how a politician is identified and interest groups are groups that focus specifically on certain issues. Depending on the issue interest groups tend to support a political party. For instance the NRA which is for less strict gun control laws associates themselves with the Republican Party. An interest group that is supportive of equal rights for all Americans would associate with the Democrat Party.

A political faction would be?

In the US and other nations, a political faction may be described as a group of organized people that make up a certain part of a political party. For example, within the US Democratic Party, a smaller group within the party that focuses on civil rights may be identified as the Civil Rights faction of the Democratic Party.

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James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader

What political part was Hitler part of?

The Nazi party

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What political party is Chris Gregoire part of?


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What political part formed in opposition to Andrew Jackson?

the whig political party

What is the political part of of senator enyinnaya harcourt abaribe?

The political party of Senator ENYINNAYA HARCOURT ABARIBE is :Peoples Democratic Party.

What political party was McKinley part of?

President William McKinley represented the Republican Party.

Definition of a political party?

a style or a part of life you like

What political party was Martin Buren a part of?

Free Soil

What part of speech is political parties?

A political party is a noun. It is a political organisation that has specific beliefs, usually different from other parties, who seeks to attain political power.

What political party is Stephen Harper a part of?

Mr Harper is the leader of the Conservative party of Canada.