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What SAT score is needed to get into Pitzer college?

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I don't know the exact SAT score is needed to get into Pitzer college. But you definitely need to get good grades. A good GPA and a decent SAT scores are a must. After you accomplish this, start thinking about ways you can separate yourself from the competition. Extracurricular activities are very important. Lastly, make sure you want to go to Pitzer college. I know a lot of students that thought they wanted to go to their dream school, but when they got in and went to that school, they were really disappointed. You can get information about the academic requirements here: http://www.unigo.com/pitzer_college/rankings

and reviews of Pitzer college by actual students here: http://www.unigo.com/pitzer_college/reviews

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What SAT score is needed to be a pediatrician?

sat score required for a pediatrician

What colleges accept a 1450 sat score?

1450 SAT score which college accepts this score

What is an SAT score?

The SAT Test (formerly Scholastic Aptitude Testand Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized test for college admissions. So an SAT score is the score you get in that test.The SAT measures literacy and writing skills that are needed for academic success in college. They state that the SAT assesses how well the test-takers analyze and solve problems... skills they (allegedly) learned in school that they will need in college.

What college want 2030 SAT score?

A college that wants 2030 SAT score is Swarthmore College. Swarthmore College is in Pennsylvania and is a private not for profit college.

What college will accept a 1080 sat score?

1080 on sat what college will accept me

What SAT score is needed for admission to Middlebury college?

SAT - Critical Reading Middle 50%: 630-740 SAT - Math Middle 50%: 640-740

What is the SAT score needed to get in Xavier?

the sat score you need to get into xavier university is a 4.12 or a 5.21

What sat scores are needed to get into pitzer college?

Pitzer places low emphasis on standardized test scores--in fact, it's part of the "SAT-optional" movement, meaning you don't need to take the SAT at all! Less than half of applying students don't submit their scores, though, so if it's good, definitely submit. The average critical reading score is in the high 600's, while the math is in the mid-600's. However, people have been admitted with reading scores as low as 570, so don't be too intimidated.

Can you get onto college with a 1410 SAT?

Yes, you can get into a college with a 1410 SAT score. Most colleges recommend a score of at least 1000 to be accepted.

What is the sat score required for admission to CUNY Queens College?

A 1624 sat score is required in order to get admission into CUNY Queens College

What SAT score do i need to attend southwestern college in California?

what SAT score do i need to attend southwestern college in Chula Vista California.

What is the minimum SAT or ACT score needed Ohio dominican University?

An ACT score of about 35-36 is needed to get in to Ohio Dominican University. A SAT score of about 600 is needed to get in to Ohio Dominican University.

What SAT score do you need to get into Hostos community college?

you dont need SAT for Hostos Community college

Can you get into college with out sat or act?

In short, yes. There are some great colleges out there that do not require you to take the SAT or ACT. Mount Holyoke College, Pitzer College, Lawrence University, Bowdoin College, and Bates College are just a few examples. However, most colleges do require the SAT or ACT and to have as many options as possible, I advise that you take the tests.

What is the ACT score needed to get into Stanford?

Average freshman high school GPA: 3.90Average freshman SAT verbal score: 715Average freshman SAT math score: 722Average freshman ACT score: 26best of luck finding your college

Does the SAT test help ypou get into a good college?

It really depends on what score you got on the Sat test. Any score that the college think is good will apply you.

What is the minimum SAT score for Richland College?

what classes do richland college have

What is the average SAT score at Vatterott College?

You may call or click to see what the average SAT score is at this college. This information is not found on the website due to you are directed to the online division for the college.

SAT score for West Georgia College Carrollton Georgia?

The University of West Georgia College in Carrollton, Georgia admits applicants based on SAT scores that meet the (TCSG) Technical College System of Georgia requirements. The minimum requirements for SAT reading is 430, SAT Math Score is 410. An SAT reading score of 480, and SAT math score of 480 is required for the international tuition waiver eligibility.

Minimum SAT score for University of Oregon?

Check the statistics for accepted/enrolled college freshmen SAT average score

What college in California will accept a 1620 sat score?

My SAT 1620 and GPA 4.0 What college in California will accept

What sat score is needed for LSU?

Applicants must have a minimum of SAT score (critical reading and math) of 1030 or at least a composite ACT score of 22.

What ACT scores are needed to get into an Ivy League college?

All I know is that you should hav at least a 1300 SAT score, so that might give you an idea of a ACT score.

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