What Scottish Person invented RADAR?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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No Scottish person has had a major impact on radar development. Hungarians, Serbs, Brits, Americans, Germans, French and Russians have all had a part in the making, but no Scots.

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Q: What Scottish Person invented RADAR?
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Who is Robert Watts?

a person who invented the radar and that's that hes dead why do we care

Who made the first TV?

A scottish person named:John logie baird invented the TV.

Did a Scottish man invent radar?

No. Courtney Simon (American) did.

What the person named that invented black board an was he black?

No. In 1801 a Scottish man invented the blackboard. Your question smacks of racism.

When and who invented RADAR?


Who made the radar?

As far as I know, radar was invented by a Hungarian scientist named Zoltan Bay. That radar was first used in World War II by the British troops.

Who invented the teleportation machine?

No one has invented a teleportation machine yet, but my idea is to turn the person into a microchip and send it to a satellite through radar and send them anywhere.

When was the ship radar invented?

Radar was first put on ships during WW2.

What helped the british detect German planes?

The newly invented radar.

What year was the radar invented?


Any Scottish people invented anything?

scottish people invented the kilt and bag pipes The television and telephone were invented by Scots.

Was the radar invented by Robert Watson?

yes it was