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What US state shapes like a head?

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Maine looks like it's in the shape of a head, since there seems to be a "mouth" just above the "neck."

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What is the head of the state supreme court called?

The head of a state supreme court is called Chief Justice, just like the head of the US Supreme Court.

Which of the Presidents roles is described as the symbolic head of the US?

Chief of State is the president's role as the symbolic head of the US. This is also referred to as the Head of State.

Which title does the head of a US state hold?

The head of a state in the USA is called a Governor.

Characteristics of republic?

A republic has an elected head of state usually called a president. can be head of the Executive branch of government such as in the US and France; or a non-executive head of state like in India or the Irish Republic.

I come in different shapes and sizes part of me are curves others are shapes. you can put me anywhere you like but ther is only one right place for me what am i?

A shadow? Many people are fat and thin, tall and short. This stands for different shapes and sizes. We have shapes, like our oval head, and he curve at our hips. The only right place for it is right behind or in front of us.

Who is head of state in the us?

The President.

How did the US states get their shapes?

because the united state government wanted them that way.

When the queen leaves her plane is she saluted like the US President?

As queen she is the Head of State for Britian, just as the President is the head of state for the United States so she is given equal honours.

How is the leader of England like the president of the US?

In the US the president is the head of state and head of government. In England those are two separate roles. England does not have a president. The head of state is the Queen. The head of government is the Prime Minister. In each of their jobs they do similar things to the corresponding elements of job of the president of America.

What is the head of the government of the United States?

The head of Government and the head of State is the US President.

Who is the current head of state of the US?

the president is the head of the united states

What is a republic government?

A republic government has an elected head of state and not by inheritance .The people elect the head of the state as in US the President who is the head of the state for a fixed tenure .

The head of state in the US is who?

bobby schmidens

What is the office of the US head of state?


Is Head Start in every state of the US?

Yes, there are Head Start programs in every state and Puerto Rico.

What types of government that Indonesian A have?

this question is confusing due to its grammar. Indonesia have a democratic government with a president as its head of government and head of state, just like US and A :)

Why is Nike's head office in Toronto Canada?

It is likely the Canadian head office...the world headquarters is probably in the US like many other US based companies. Nike's Head office is indeed not in Toronoto, it is in Washington state in the U.S.A

What is a governor?

A Governor is head of a state government in the US.

Who is head of the state according to the US Constitution?

The president.

Head of state in US?

The head of state in the United States is the President. The U.S. President is the leader of the executive government branch.

Why does the UK have a prime minister and not president like US?

The UK's Head of State is not the Prime Minister, it is the Monarch, currently a Queen.

What is the head person in England that holds head of state equivalent to the presidency of us?

The Head of State of the UK Is Queen Elizabeth. Gordon Brown is her Prime Minister.

Who is the head of the US State Department?

The Secretary of State. As of November, 2010, Hillary Clinton.

Who is the head executive of any STATE's government in the US?

The Governor is the head executive in state government.

Who is the head of 15 us cabinet departments?

the Secretary of State

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