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The battle of Vicksburg

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Q: What Union Victories led to the South's surrendered?
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Who was the union general whose surrender led to the end of the civil war?

In the US Civil War, it was the Confederate General Robert E. Lee, not the Union General, who surrendered.

What was the strategic importance of Grant's victories for the union?

Grant's victories in the West meant that Lee could be isolated to Northern Virgina and worn down without other armies coming to his relief. When he became the overall commander, his victories led to Lee's surrender.

What gave the Union cause to continue fighting?

The Union began having battlefield successes against the Confederacy. Major Union victories at Gettysburg and the fall of Vicksburg led Union leaders to believe that the Confederacy would soon have to surrender.

The fall of this town led to Union control of the Mississippi River?

This would be the siege of Vicksburg. This battle was an important part of the war for the north because it started out a train of victories.

How did German military victories lead to the Nazis final solution?

German mililtary victories led to more Jews being under their control, which led to the 'Jewish problem' which needed a solution.

What happen to the Appomattox court house?

General Robert E Lee surrendered his Confederate army to the Union led by Ulysses S. Grant. Essentially the end of the Civil War.

The last army surrendered by the Confederacy was?

led by Col. George Washington

What events led to the Battle of Vicksburg?

Vicksburg had withstood a number of Union attempts to capture this fortress city on the Mississippi River. When after a long siege, the city surrendered, it was a propaganda victory for the North. US Grant led the Union forces in a series of battles to capture Vicksburg. When it fell, the Mississippi River was in the control of the Union. The captured Rebels were paroled and some returned to fight again. One problem about Vicksburg was that now a Union garrison was required to keep it in Union hands.

Who led the most successful union forces in the west?

U.S. Grant distinguished himself as the first Union General to deliver significant victories, though the credit initially went to his superior, Henry Halleck. Grant led the successful Vicksburg camaign, which ended the war in the West, and enabled him to supply crucial aid to the besieged Army of the Cumberland in Chattanooga.

What are facts about The Battle Of Pea Ridge?

The Battle of Pea Ridge was fought on March 7,1862 between a Union Army led by General Curtis and a Confederate Army led by General Earl Van Dorn. It was one of the most decisive victories Union victories in the Trans-Mississippi.

Union leader who led the peninsula campaign?

union leader who led the peninsula campaign?

What general led the army for the union?

Ulysses S. Grant led the Union Army.