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Q: What a example of unbalanced force that caused a change in motion?
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What happens to the penwhat could have caused the pen's motion?

A change in velocity - for example, a motion when there was no previous motion - occurs if an unbalanced force is applied to an object.

What is an example of a unbalanced force causing to change in motion?


Give an example of an unbalanced force causing a change in motion?

friction :)

Is it true that an unbalanced force will not change and objects motion?

yes every unbalanced force can change or "try to change (can be or cannot be)" the state of rest or motion

Which cause change in motion balanced forces or unbalanced forces?

unbalanced foeces

Can change an objects motion?

unbalanced force(:

Is change in anobjet's motion anunbalanced force?

Not exactly. 'Motion' or 'change of motion' are not force. But the only way to change an object's motion is to cause the group of forces on it to be unbalanced. If the object's motion is changing, then you can be sure that the group of forces acting on it is unbalanced.

How do unbalanced forces acting on an object its motion?

Balanced forces do not change its motion (no acceleration). Unbalanced forces changes the motion of the object (acceleration).

Can unbalanced force change an objects motion?

If the group of forces acting on an object is unbalanced, the object's motion always changes. The change is called "acceleration".

Does an unbalanced force change an objects motion?

There's no such thing as "an unbalanced force".If the entire group of two or more forces on an objectis unbalanced, then the object's motion changes.

What is needed to change an objects motion?

an unbalanced force

What forces can cause change in motion?

unbalanced force