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Is suge knight a crip?

suge knight is a straight up G and rides with the crips.

What happens when Gawain swings his ax at the geen knight?

He cuts off him head. but the green knight picks it up and rides away.

What language does the word chevalier come from?

French. Cheval is the word for horse, and a Chevalier was a person who rides a horse in battle (in English the word for that person is a Knight).

When a knight rides out on midnight and is away for two hours he comes back on midnight How is this possible?

Midnight is his horse's name. *As the US does not use "on midnight" but "at midnight", this riddle is more proper in its form "rides out on Monday and is gone two days, and comes back on Monday".

What types of roller coaster thrill rides are offered at Six Flags New England?

Six flags has many thrill rides offered to customers. Some of the names of these rides are Batman: The Dark Knight, Bizarro, Buzzsaw, Crime Wave, Cyclone, Flashback, Goliath, Houdini, Jokers Wildcard, Mind Eraser, Pandemonium, Scream, Thunderbolt, Tomahawk and Twister.

How many rides are at lake compounce?

well there are many rides at lake compounce according to their website there are 41 rides right now including the wave pool. all water rides,kiddie rides,family rides, thrill rides, and classic rides were counted

How many rides does wild adventure have?

there are 47 rides 13 thrill rides 5 kid rides 19 family rides 9 water rides my favorite ride is the swamp thing

What Santa rides in?

santa rides a sleigh

What is rides in Spanish?

montar = to ride monta = he/she/it rides rides (plural noun) = paseos/viajes

Are there any rides in Yellowstone park?

Thankfully, the only "rides" are historic wagon rides and horse rides into the back country. Rides purely for entertainment in this place are not only unnecessary, but would ruin the entire experience.

Can you fall out of rides?

You cannot fall out of rides. The manufacturers of the rides test out everything with all sorts of test.

Do Malta have camel rides?

No there are no camel rides in Malta.

Are amusement rides scientific?

what is scientific about amusement rides

How many rides are at oaks park?

There are 50 rides there!

How many rides are there in Camelot?

There are 26 different rides.

How many rides does Alton towers have?

There are 29 rides at Alton Towers - 7 Roller Coasters, 5 Water Rides and 17 Thrill Rides and Child Attractions.

How many rides are in Alton towers?

Alton towers has 29 rides including the amazing new thirteen!!! the 29 rides include 7 roller coasters,5 water rides,17 thrill rides and children's attractions.

How tall to ride batman rides?

You have to be at least 54'' to ride all thrill rides especially batman rides

What do you call a soldier who rides a horse and wears armor?

Specials ops serving in Afghanistan are doing that now. You're probably thinking of a knight, although your description is inaccurate - Knights were not soldiers; they were members of the nobility.

Can you write a sentence that has a simple verb using the word rides as a noun?

The kids enjoyed all the rides at the carnival.The family likes to go for rides on Sunday afternoons.Dad likes train rides. (train = an adjective and rides = a noun.)

Can a Knight take a Knight in Chess?

Yes, a Knight can take a Knight.

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