What a sentence for kroner?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Definition of Kroner is see table at currency.

Sentence: At a bank there is a lot of kroner that is storaged.

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Q: What a sentence for kroner?
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Sentence for kroner?

My Norwegian grandfather pays his groceries with kroner.

How do you use the word kroner in a sentence?

Very carefully. But if you meant an example sentence, then: Kroner rhymes with boner lol.

How can you use the word kroner in a sentence?

You just used it in a sentence.

How do you use kroner in a sentence?

Kroner is just the plural form of a currency like "dollars" or "pounds" or "pesos". So, "Do you have any kroner?" works just like "Do you have any dollars?"

Who is kroner in Number the Stars?

Kroner is the currency of Denmark

What is the Norway dollar called?

Like Sweden and Denmark, the currency is 'Kroner' pron. kroo-nuh, which directly translated means 'crowns' - the ISO code is NOK. 1 krone is made up of 100 øre, pron ur-ruh, which directly translated means 'ears'! This could well be ears of corn or wheat though ...!

When was Richard Kroner born?

Richard Kroner was born in 1884.

When did Richard Kroner die?

Richard Kroner died in 1974.

When did Erling Kroner die?

Erling Kroner died in 2011.

How tall is Amber Kroner?

Amber Kroner is 5' 1".

When was Gary Kroner born?

Gary Kroner was born in 1940.

When was Erling Kroner born?

Erling Kroner was born in 1943.