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it looks like a normal monkey but the face looks a bit like a spider.

hence spider monkey

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Q: What a spider monkey looks like?
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What is a spider-monkey?

the spider monkey is a monkey that eats spiders and scurries like a spider.

Can you jump like a spider monkey?

NO i can't jump like a spider monkey only like a regular person

Is an owl monkey a mammal?

Yes, it's a monkey that looks like an owl, not an owl that looks like a monkey.

Is a spider monkey a monkey or a spider?

A monkey.

What is the common name for a spider monkey?

That is its common name. They are further described mostly by color and habitat. Red-faced spider monkey White-fronted spider monkey Brown spider monkey (aka Hybrid Spider Monkey) White-cheeked spider monkey Black-headed spider monkey Brown-headed spider monkey Ornate spider monkey (subspecies Geoffroy's) Peruvian spider monkey Colombian spider monkey (Geoffroy's spider monkeys:) - Yucatan spider monkey - Mexican spider monkey - Nicaraguan spider monkey

What does monkey looks like?

It look likes a monkey.

What does a monkey apple look like? looks like a Monkey

What spider has what looks like a stinger?

wolf spider

Why is a spider monkey called that when it is not a spider?

Because it acts and moves like one

Spider monkey in latin?

Spider Monkey in latin is Spider Monachus

How many types of spider monkeys are there?

There are 7 to 9 species of spider monkeys in the world, genus Ateles. The related genus is Brachyteles, the "woolly spider monkey" (also known as the Muriqui). There are 3 subspecies of the black-headed spider monkey and 4 additional subspecies within the species Geoffroyi.Red-faced spider monkey, Ateles paniscusWhite-fronted spider monkey, Ateles belzebuthPeruvian spider monkey, Ateles chamekBrown spider monkey, Ateles hybridusWhite-cheeked spider monkey, Ateles marginatusBlack-headed spider monkey, Ateles fuscicepsBrown-headed spider monkey, Ateles fusciceps fuscicepsColombian spider monkey, Ateles fusciceps rufiventrisGeoffroy's spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi- Yucatan spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis- Mexican spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus- Nicaraguan spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi- Ornate spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi ornatusThe most endangered spider monkeys are the black-headed spider monkey and the brown spider monkey.

How many eyes does a spider monkey have?

It has two eyes. Although the spider monkey is called a SPIDER monkey it does not mean it has as many eyes as a spider. It is like a bullfrog, which is a frog with no horns hoofs or anythin else a bull might possess

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