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What abiotic factors live in the freshwater biome?

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"Abiotic" means "non-living." So you've got your water, everything the water carries with it including minerals and sediment, and rocks.

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What are abiotic factors in a deciduous forest biome?

Abiotic factors in a deciduous forest biome would include water, soil, and climate. These all effect the organisms that live in the forest.

What biotic factors live in the freshwater biome?

fish, algae, plants

An abiotic factor in freshwater ecosystems?

Organisms can't live without abiotic factors. Example of Abiotic Factors: Water Temperature Water depth Amount of sunlight that passes through the water

What Biome does a Trout live in?

It is known that trout live in the freshwater biome .

What type of biome does an electric eel live in?

They live in a freshwater biome.

What is the interaction between biotic and abiotic factors in a freshwater ecosystem?

The soil (abiotic) will grow plants (biotic) for the living organizums like fish (biotic) to eat and live in.

What biome do crocodiles live in?

Crocodiles live in freshwater biomes.

What abiotic factors does a duck need to live?

yes,organisims need abiotic factors to live

What biome do frogs live in?

Frogs live in the freshwater biome. Frogs prefer a moist environment and they are very important part of this biome.

What type of biome does a fish live in?

Fish are, of course, aquatic creatures living solely in the water. Fish either live in the freshwater biome or the marine biome depending on if they are freshwater fish or saltwater fish.

What plants live in a freshwater biome?

seaweed and lilies

What abiotic and biotic factors that live in a tundra or tundra biome?

Abiotic means not alive and biotic means alive. So lemmings and polar bears and moss would be biotic. Rocks, water, and sun would be abiotic.

What animals live in a marine biome?

animals that can take the salt in the marine water. Animals from a freshwater biome can't live in a marine biome cause it does not have the adaptation to live in the salty marine biome

Do seals live in the Tundra Biome?

no are u stupid jk they live in a water biome which is either freshwater or saltwater, but they could live in both.

What abiotic factors live in the oceanic zones?

what are the abiotic oceanic zones

What animal live in a freshwater biome?

frogs,and certain types of fish

What abiotic factors live in an estuary environment?

None! Abiotic factors are non-living. Biotic is living

Can abiotic factors live forever?

No, abiotic factors do not live forever. One reason, abiotic factors are non-living, or used to be living. If you mean biotic, those can't live forever either. Nothing on Earth lasts forever.

Animals that live in a freshwater biome?

Animals that live in freshwater aremusselscrayfishturtlesottersmuskratsnailsshrimpbeaveralligators

Do alligators live in the freshwater biome?

Yes they live in the freshwater region of the aquatic biome because they adapt to freshwater since it has a low concentration of salt and also has more species that are easy to have a "preditor-prey" relationship with because alligators are opportunistic when it comes to catching their prey.

How are the abiotic and biotic factors interdependent?

Abiotic factors such as water effect the biotic factors such as humans and plants because living things need abiotic factors 2 live. Also, abiotic factors can kill us, like natural disasters and stuff

What animals live in the freshwater biome?

fish,frogs,plants,worms,and turtles

How can abiotic factors disturb biodiversity?

Abiotic factors are things such as temperature. If a certain ecosystem's temperature is very high, then only organisms who can live in those conditions would be there. So basically the abiotic factors are the conditions to live in an environment.

Why do we need non living things to survive?

they help living things and determine what biotic factors will live in the area or biome. for example, fertile soil is abiotic. however, since it is fertile, it will allow certain plants to live in it. and of course the result, living things, are things we need to survive. abiotic factors are very important!

Abiotic factors in a coral reef?

Some abiotic factors in a coral reef are rocks and sand. An abiotic factor is an object that has never lived and will never live.

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