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I think it is great. My partner satisfies me to the max i enjoy the satisfaction of pleasing my woman and know that she really enjoys me. My partner either eats it or she wears a pad so it don't go in her sexy knickers. It can become a nuisance for some people but not me. We enjoy a shower afterwards and washing each other down. The other problem could be you hold back too much let your load go as soon asyou feel you need too its the pleasure of arousal to get hard again that makes it even more fun.

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If you have preejaculate do you have semen?

If you have preejaculate, yes you can still have semen, but that may not always the case

Can you be pregnant if there is some preejaculate on your pubic hair?


Why do kidney diseases often cause excessive fluid to accumulate?

Since the kidneys are intimately involved with the body's fluid balance, diseases of the kidney often cause excessive fluid to accumulate.

How much sperm is in preejaculate?

There tends to be much less viable sperm in preejaculate than in actual ejaculate at the end of sex. However, it often contains enough sperm cells to cause pregnancy. Do keep in mind that any fluid from the penis during sex can spread disease. So to help prevent diseases and pregnancy, condoms are always recommended.

What is edometerous?

Edematous - swollen with an excessive accumulation of fluid.

What is an amnioreduction?

An amnioreduction is a removal of excessive amniotic fluid.

What is the excessive build up of fluid in the lungs?

Pulmonary Edema

What is an excessive buildup of fluid in the lungs called?

Pulmonary Edema

What is dyhydration?

dehydration is the excessive loss of fluid in the body of an organism

Why would excessive transmission fluid be coming out of the overflow tube?

It is important to keep fluids from leaking from a car. Excessive transmission fluid would be coming out of the overflow because there is too much fluid in the transmission, or because the seal has become worn.

What other conditions may accompany Arnold-Chiari malformation?

There may be excessive fluid in the brain (hydrocephalus ), opening in the spine (spina bifida), or excessive fluid in the spinal cord (syringomyelia).

Are there two kinds of semen?

Yes. Preejaculate and ejaculate differ a little bit.

Can you get HIV even if he never ejaculated in you?

Yes. There is also preejaculate and other fluids.

How can you control preejeculaion?

Preejaculate is normal and should not be curbed. It is like watering of mouth.

What symptom of excessive sodium?

Fluid retention and high blood pressure.

Which term refers to excessive fluid accumulation in body tissue?


Which suffix means bleeding or abnormal excessive fluid discharge?


When lung tissue retains a excessive amount of fluid?

Pulmonary edema

Why are feet swollen?

Swollen feet are a condition in which muscles in the feet have an excessive fluid. This excessive fluid can be causes of increasing weight. It is also called Edema which usually affects the feet, lower legs and ankles.

What is the build up of excessive fluid in the lungs that leads to this condition?

Pneumonia is the buildup of fluid in the lungs, but it can result from many different diseases.

Can you get chlamydia from body fluids being on or near your vagina but not in?

Yes, you can get infected with chlamydia even if he doesn't ejaculate inside you. Chlamydia can be spread by semen, vaginal discharge, or preejaculate fluid in or near the vaginal, urethra, or anus, as well as the throat and eyes.

Is fluid retention caused by high or low potassium in the body?

It is excessive salt intake (sodium) which can place an individual at risk of fluid retention.

What is medical term meaning excessive accumulation of interstitial fluid?

Lymphedema is the medical term meaning excess accumulation of fluid in the interstitial space.

Why is there excessive water loss in cholera infection?

There is excessive loss of isotonic fluid and not 'water loss' in case of cholera. This occurs by way of vomiting and severe diarrhoea.

Are small white butterflies a problem?

Excessive fluid feeding cause damage to the host plants