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Merrite list

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Q: What about samaj kalyan senior clerk result?
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When samaj kalyan mkcl result?

when did the samaj kalyan Jr.clarck exam result wil display. please send me feedback on my email id ashishegadhari@gmail.comAshish gadhari

Where is samaj kalyan office for caste validity certification in pune?

I Have lost my original cast validity certificate, how to get duplicate certificate ?

Where from i can get a caste validity certificate form?

u will get that particular form in samaj kalyan office like for mumbai this office is situated at chembur

Result of samaj calan?

Contact the institution involved.

Who is samaj?

Samaj is a group of people. A one man can not be a samaj. Group of two or more peoples call - samaj.

Who were the Founder of Prathana samaj and Arya samaj?


When was Prarthana Samaj created?

Prarthana Samaj was created in 1867.

When was Arya Samaj created?

Arya Samaj was created in 1875.

Arya Samaj Marriage?

Arya Samaj Marriage in Ghaziabad

When was Brahmo Samaj created?

Brahmo Samaj was created in 1828.

When was Arya Samaj in Zanzibar created?

Arya Samaj in Zanzibar was created in 1907.

Who was the founder of the Satyashodhak Samaj?

Jyotirao Pule was the founder of Satyashodhak Samaj.