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Q: What accessories do you need for nba 2k13 on the wii?
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Can you do an online game on NBA 2k13 Wii?

Yes, you can do an online game on NBA 2k13 Wii.

Can you play NBA 2k13 for Wii with a classic controller?


Will there be a nba 2k13 for play station 2?

No the game is for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, & PSP

Will Major League Baseball 2K13 come out for wii?


Do you need any Wii accessories in order to play Wii Play?

No just a wii nunchuc that plugs into the wii remote

Which Wii accessories do I need for the Wii sports games?

You don't need the accessories, but there are attachments for the Wiimote that make it look like a tennis racket, a baseball bat, and a golf club.

What accessories do I need to play Wii games online?

You will need a game that has wifi campability.

Do you need to already own the Wii fit before you buy the Wii fit plus?

Yes, the Wii Fit accessories are just add-ons.

Are there any wireless Wii accessories available?

There are a few wireless wii accessories out there, including the wireless wii headset and the wireless wii dancepad.

Are all Wii accessories manufactured by Nintendo?

Not all Wii accessories are manufactures by Nintendo.

What are some of the most popular accessories for the Wii?

A few of the most popular Wii accessories are the Wii remote controller, Wii wheel and the Wii perfect shot gun.

Is there an NBA 2k10 iso for Wii?

Yes there is a nba 2k10 game for wii!!!