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Light travels faster than sound.


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There is a time difference between seeing and hearing a firework display. The difference in time is due to the fact that light travels faster than sound.

Light travels at a significantly faster rate than sound, so you can see things in a distance before you can hear them.

You would be looking at a fireworks display.

The standard collective noun is a display of fireworks.

It's the huge difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound. That's also why you see lightning before you hear the thunder it makes.

The time difference is due to the differences in the speed of light and sound. Light travels near 300,000,000 meters/second where sound travels 343 meters/second. Light travels almost one million times faster than sound therefore it reaches you first.

Yes, fireworks involve oxidation reactions.

Describe the evidence that chemical reaction take place during a fireworks display?Describe the evidence that chemical reaction take place during a fireworks display?

No, it is not. Fireworks is a plural noun (the singular is practically never used). It can be a noun adjunct as in the term fireworks display.

display is something you see, however, performance is something you do.

A pyrotechnic display would be fireworks...

mostly in parks that are popular

What a spectacular fireworks display that was.

The best way to have a safe neighborhood fireworks display is to hire a professional. No matter how careful you are, if you are an amateur, there is a great fire risk.

Wichita has not had a fireworks display since 2008 and will not have one this year.

There is no difference as far as the glass is concerned! The glass has nothing to do with the heads up display.

Veterans' Stadium for the City of Pottsville's Annual Fireworks Display on July 2, 2010

Salem Fireworks ShowRiverfront Park (downtown Salem)Fireworks at duskParking limited

Fireworks are illegal in every state, but only thing permitted is sparklers. Any fireworks can be legal to display/light if you have Pyrotechnic License.

A lot of place in the USA will have fireworks, but, they will not be displays everywhere in the nation. Check the local newspaper, or the intranet, to find the nearest fireworks display to where you live.

fx991MS digital display but fx991ES is natural text book display.

The word pyrotechnics is a noun. It is a display of fireworks.

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