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muriatic acid, usually 30%

hydrochloric acid is used

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Q: What acid is used in swimming pools?
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Are swimming pools an acid or a base?

an acid

Common name for hydrochloric acid when used to lower pH in swimming pools?


What is the common name for HCl when used to lower pH in swimming pools?

Muriatic acid

How are swimming pools used?

Swimming pools are used for recreation, exercise and for rehabilitation of an injury.

What element is used to disinfect swimming pools?

Chlorine is used to disinfect swimming pools.

Can sodium bisulphite replace dry acid in swimming pools?

Sodium Bisulphate is dry acid for swimming pool use.

Are all swimming pools the same size?

No, but pools used for competitive swimming are standardized sizes.

What element is used instead of chlorine in swimming pools?

Bromine is the other main sanitizer traditionally used in swimming pools.

Which gas is used to disinfect swimming pools?

Chlorine gas is a useful disinfectant, used to rid swimming pools of microbes.

What elements used to disinfect swimming pools?

Chlorine is used to disinfect Swimming Pools.

Is salt used in swimming pools?

It is used in some pools, but not others. Chlorine is used as well.

What type of products are treated with acid wash?

Acid washing can be used on concrete and plaster. Swimming pools are commonly acid washed prior to resurfacing. It is also used on aluminum to remove and neutralize oxidization.

Why use muriatic acid in swimming pool?

Muriatic acid is most commonly used in swimming pools to lower the swimming pools PH and to lower the pools alkalinity. You should use caution when working with muriatic acid. Not only can it stain your clothes, pool deck, etc, but if you inhale too much it can cause tissue damage. Always consult a professional when working with chemicals that you are not completely knowledgeable about, some swimming pool chemicals when mixed wrong can have a chemical reaction and catch on fire.

What yellowish gas is used to kill bacteria in swimming pools?

Type your answer here... Chlorine gas is used to kill bacteria in the swimming pools.

What lowers pH in swimming pools?

most common product is Hydrochloric acid which your local hardware or pool shop will sell. Then there is Sudium bisulphate which is basically granulated acid that your local pool shop will sell. then there is Sulphuric Acid which is very similar to Hydrochloric acid but is commonly known as non fume acid and used for automatic dosing machines for swimming pools

Are chemicals necessary for a swimming pool?

Chlorine stabilizer or conditioner (cyanuric acid) is used, in outdoor chlorine-maintained swimming pools. Thanks for using!

How many swimming pools in France?

Dumb question. People have swimming pools there. How many swimming pools in the US?

When were pools used in the Olympics?

swimming pool

What acid are used in everyday life?

Bleach & Chlorine also Muriatic for swimming pools. Hydrochloric acid is usedin digestion of food in human body.

What chemical is added to water in swimming pools to keep it clean?

HOCL or hypochlorus acid

How do you increase swimming pool water acidity?

Usually you would add muriatic acid to adjust the pools acid level.

How do you lower the alkilinity of a swimming pool?

You have to know what you are doing. The addition of muriatic acid lowers the pH and total alkalinity in swimming pools.

Where can you find a 100 meter swimming pool?

100m swimming pools are not used - Olympic pools and regional pools are all 50m, with smaller pools using a 25m design. A now obsolete pool used a few decades ago was the 33.3 metre pool, but this is no longer used.

What type of chloride is used swimming pools?


What elenent is used to disinfect swimming pools?