What acid is used in swimming pools?

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muriatic acid, usually 30%

hydrochloric acid is used
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Can you use muriatic acid to clean swimming pool filters?

YES. USE ABOUT TWO PARTS WATER ONE PART ACID. LET THEM SOAK FOR A FEW HOURS THEN RINSE. Muriatic acid can be used to clean filters, HOWEVER there is a proper sequence to clean

What are the alternatives to using muriatic acid to lower the PH in a swimming pool?

Answer . There are 3 principal chemicals for lowering pH: muriatic acid, sodium bisulfate (dry acid) & CO2.\n. \nIf this is a commercial application then CO2 may be a via

How to use ISOCYANURIC ACID in swimming pool?

Answer . Rough formula to determine required amount of conditioner: five pounds per 10K of water. You want to be sure that your filter is clean or has been cleaned within

How do you clean white grout around a swimming pool Can I use muriatic acid?

If you use acid you run the risk of the stuff turning yellow in the fairly near future Usualy grout only goes murky on the sulfate so the best thing to do is scrub it down wit

How do you clean a plaster swimming pool without using muriatic acid?

If you use it full strength on a plaster pool you will actually "etch" the plaster and weaken it, so you must dilute it with water. Start out weak with one part acid to four p

What do you do if your swimming pool is too acidic?

u may want to try a pH increaser, which you can buy at some stores. This will lower the acidity level in the pool. check out this website for a how-to:. http://www.ehow.com/h

Muriatic acid uses for swimming pools?

Muriatic Acid is used to lower the pH in swimming pools.. It's also used to lower alkalinity. But, there's a way to lower pH and really not touch the alkalinity, and vice ver

Can you use muriatic acid to clean swimming pool tile?

You can, but you run the risk of altering the pH of the pool water along with etching the cementuous material (other than the tile) that the acid might touch. The acid is co
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What is the purpose of acid in a swimming pool?

Balance. Your water NEEDS PH in between 7.2ph and 7.8ph so it will not damage your equipment (anything metal that your water will touch, such as rails, ladders, heat exchanger
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Why use muriatic acid in swimming pool?

Muriatic acid is most commonly used in swimming pools to lower the swimming pools PH and to lower the pools alkalinity. You should use caution when working with muriatic ac
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What can you use to increase acid in swimming pool?

Muriatic acid is the preferred chemical. You can also use dry acid (sodium bisulfate, pH down)) which is a bit easier to use but does increase sulfates, which can be detriment