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Q: What acronym helps me to remember which Spanish words are masculine?
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How do you say generous in spanish?

How to say generous in spanish would be "generoso" or "generosa" ,depending if it is masculine or feminine. It is pronounced hen-ee-row-so. Hope this helps! :)

What acronym helps remember the spectrum of colors from longest to shortest wavelengths?

ROYGBIV Red Orange Yellow Green Blue indigo Violet

What is the acronym of RADER?

I do so belive tha the acronym of rader is rdr. Hope this helps . . ~

What does El and la mean in English?

El and la means the in spanish. Because every word has to have a gender, el or la determines whether it's masculine or feminine; el as masculine and la as feminine. Hope this helps.

Is glue feminine or masculine?

Masculine : hope this helps in you french work

What is the acronym of kalayaan?

The Kalayaan Centre is a charity center that helps migrant domestic workers in the UK. The acronym for the center is KC.

Where did the last name fernandez come from?

Perhaps this information might helpFERNANDO Gender: Masculine Usage: Spanish, Portuguese Pronounced: fer-NAHN-do (Spanish) Spanish and Portuguese form of FERDINANDhope this helps

How do you mememorize a list of words easily?

If it is vocab, go to They have very resourcefull tools to help you memorize. Otherwise, associate actions or images with the words. Perhaps make an acronym to help you remember them. Hope this helps!

What does fyi ac mean?

The acronym, FYI means For Your Information. Hope this helps!

What does the acronym NASA mean?

***************************************************It means:National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationHope this helps,Hershey****************************************************

What does the acronym FSH stand for?

The acronym FSH stands for follicle stimulating hormone. It is a hormone present in all humans and other animals that helps growth and the reproductive processes.

What do we mean by waves have a color spectrum known as roygbiv?

It means that visible light can be split into a spectrum of colours. Roygbiv is an acronym which helps us remember the colours of the spectrum in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.